Estafa and Bouncing Checks Law (B.P. 22)

It is inevitable that we will encounter a check at least once in our lifetime. This medium of commerce is still very common despite the proliferation of credit cards. Sadly, with the increase in its use there is also the increase in the number of individuals taking advantage of checks to defraud other people.

For this reason, a provision in a Revised Penal Code was placed to deal with this issue. This law however has defects and deemed insufficient to answer certain situations, thus the Bouncing Checks Law (B.P. 22) was passed into law.

For non-lawyers, these two laws may create confusion because of its highly technical terminologies. As such, I have decided to write this simple guide to aid those who seek more information about estafa and the Bouncing Checks Law (B.P. 22).

How is estafa through the issuance of bouncing checks committed?

It is committed by means of any of the following false pretenses or fraudulent acts executed prior to or simultaneously with the commission of the fraud:

By postdating a check, or issuing a check in payment of an obligation when the offender had no funds in the bank, or his funds deposited therein were not sufficient to cover the amount of the check. (Article 315(2)(d) of the Revised Penal Code as amended by R.A. 4885)

What are the elements of estafa through the issuance of bouncing checks?

This form of estafa has the following elements:

  1. Postdating or issuance of a check in payment of an obligation contracted at the time the check was issued
  2. Insufficiency of funds to cover the check, and
  3. Damage to the payee thereof.

If any of these elements is not present then a person cannot be held liable for estafa.

Marian went to a boutique to shop for clothes. Since she is a friend of the store owner, she was allowed to pay later. After 10 days, Marian issued a check in payment of the clothes she bought. The check bounced to the dismay of the store owner. Can Marian be held liable for estafa?

No. Marian cannot be held liable for estafa because the check was issued in payment of a pre-existing debt. As mentioned earlier, estafa through the issuance of a bouncing check can be committed only if the check was issued in payment of an obligation contracted at the time the check was issued. Note however that while there is no estafa, nevertheless, Marian can be held liable for another crime, which will be discussed below.

Can the issuance of bouncing checks give rise to other offense aside from estafa?

Yes. A single act of issuance of bouncing checks may give rise to several offenses such as estafa and violation of B.P. 22 or the Bouncing Checks Law

How is a violation of the Bouncing Checks Law committed?

There are two possible ways by which this can be committed, to wit:

  1. Making or drawing and issuing any check to apply on account or for value, knowing at the time of issue that he does not have sufficient funds in or credit with the drawee bank for the payment of such check in full upon its presentment, which check is subsequently dishonored by the drawee bank for insufficiency of funds or credit or would have been dishonored for the same reason had not the drawer, without any valid reason, ordered the bank to stop payment
  2. Having sufficient funds in or credit with the drawee bank when he makes or draws and issues a check, shall fail to keep sufficient funds or to maintain a credit to cover the full amount of the check if presented within a period of ninety (90) days from the date appearing thereon, for which reason it is dishonored by the drawee bank.

What are the elements of violation of the Bouncing Checks Law?

An offence under this law is committed when the following elements are present:

  1. Making, drawing and issuance of any check to apply for account or for value;
  2. Knowledge of the maker, drawer, or issuer that at the time of issue he does not have sufficient funds in or credit with the drawee bank for the payment of such check in full upon its presentment; and
  3. Subsequent dishonor of the check by the drawee bank for insufficiency of funds or credit or dishonor for the same reason had not the drawer, without any valid cause, ordered the bank to stop payment.

How can there be presumption that the maker, drawer, or issuer had knowledge of the insufficiency of funds?

The presumption arises only after it is proved that the issuer received a notice of dishonor and that within 5 days from receipt thereof, he failed to pay the amount of the check or make arrangement for its payment.

In the same example given earlier, can Marian be held liable for violation of the Bouncing Checks Law?

Yes, because in Bouncing Checks Law, unlike in estafa under Article 315(2)(d) of the Revised Penal Code a person can be held liable for making, drawing or issuing a check for account or for value. Meaning, even if the check was issued in payment of an existing obligation, the person can still be held liable.

Can Marian use as a defense the fact that there was no malice or bad faith on her part when she issued the check?

No. The law does not consider important whether or not malice and intent attended the issuance of the check.

If Marian pays the check or makes an arrangement for its payment within 5 days from notice of the dishonor, what is the result?

She can invoke this payment as a complete defense if a case will be filed against her by the store owner.

Author: Atty. James Biron
Atty. James S. Biron is a corporate lawyer specializing in foreign investments, trade, mergers and acquisitions, planning and financing of projects and capital raising. Clients served include real estate, construction, energy, information technology, agriculture, education, medical and casino gaming companies.


  • …sir we would like to ask about the small claims in the phil. does the brgy. settlement necessary before we file a case in a small claims court? and another is, is it lawful for a brgy. captains to insist not to settle problems between a corporation and a person who belongs to his jurisdiction? (they claimed that it is not anymore part of their duties as brgy.captain).. 
    _thank you! 

  • Jhona Merioles

    Sir, with regards to this case. Which is more appropriate case to sue, is it BP22 or estafa? and as to litigation costs or expenses, which can incur lesser costs? I’ll wait for the reply sir. thank you 🙂

  • Jhona Merioles

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  • jm garcia

    Good day Atty., in relation to your topic here, i just want to ask a question, what is my first move to seek justice when a check is issued to me then its funds are insufficient? I have a friend / business partner in a call center and we do business there, invested 80k to him and he is unreachable at this moment, then we realized that he is gone and deceived his co-workers also, we are at least five who are swindled attty., your response will be very much appreciated.. Thank you..

  • jm garcia

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    • Atty. James Biron

      jm, the images shown are sometimes difficult to read, so you have to retry. i installed this image verification system to prevent spam posts.

  • Djovi R. Durante

    Sir, what would be my recourse if the other party (heir) claims the lot i purchased through deed of absolute sale. The claimant was the son of the previous owner who sold the lot through deed of sale to the administrator who later on sold the same to me.

    • Atty. James Biron

      Mr. Durante, please post your question at the Forum Section of this website. I will answer your question once I see it posted there.

  • mark

    dear sir i applied for a globe plan last year but unfortunetly i was not able to pay my bills it has been a year and now i have   receive txt msgs requiring me to pay my bills or else they will file a case against me.

    my question is… will i go to jail if im not able to pay my bills
    what are my options so i will not be bothered by this?
    what legal action can the telecom companies use against me?
    will this affect my credit rating?
    since i dont have money now if i pay my bills lets say after a month will it still be okay? will the charges ( if there is any) be drop?

    thank you i hope you can give me a good advice


  • Dan

    I have a case right now, estafa and b.p22. I had a payment for two months amounting to 10k a month. But i stop the payment because she fabricated a case againts me. My questio is, is it possible that the case estafa will be dismiss?  The story of this bouncing checks because she offered me a term before 3days and then when i established my credit, i asked another favor to the manager that i will withdraw my lpg to them but i want the term like the term that i got to other co. Which is 20days. And then the manager gave me the term.  First we had a good relationship as supplier and customer but unfortunately she decline my terms to 15days, and then 10days up to 5 days. I had know knowledge why she did it to me. Considering that my issued checked was cleared. But when my term is already 5days of course my issued checks will be bounce and up to account closed. The reason why because i gave also terms to my customer. I hope you will give me guidelines what to do to my case. Thank you and god bless!

  • Welmie barcela

    Hi,  just want to ask bout my case. Im into jewelry busines and 1 of my dealer tool all the jewelries and pawned it to a known pwnshoP. we filed case to the dealer and   She was captured but had bailed. We are scheduled for an arriegnment but sad to say that dealer run again. And we can no longer find her. Now my Problem is my supplier filed us cass of estafa. Me  and my husband was involved for he is the one who issued the chek for me. I made a seetlement to my suPplier pay her every month to a sum in our capacity to pay. But all of a sudden. my supplier refuse our payments and put all things into court. What is our right action to this? Can we with my husband be in preson? Can we bail? This bothers me a pot for i have to kids. Who would take good care of them without us. Please help.

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  • Alvin

    Hello Atty, I want to ask about my case, what’s the best thing I should do or file? I’m into IT business, my story is this.. This client of mine is we been doing business for almost 4yrs. last Apil 2,2013 she purchase to 1st laptop worth 14,580 and issue me a check due date on May 2,2012 then within the same month she purchase again another unit a Computer Set worth 18,800 the she issue another check due May 14, 2013…and On May 13 she then purchase to me a high-end unit worth 43,700 and issue again a check with a date June 4, 2013… Then I keep on calling her and she won’t answer my call. When I got to see her on her office she said that she simple say WALA PA DAW SIYANG PERA. Then when I called her office today her secretary just answer me wala daw siya sa office parti right now I’m alarm, when I call the bank they told me HInid lang daw ako nag inquiry for that account number. This my 1st time I’ve this kind of scenario.. can you tell me Atty. What is the best thing to do. Kasi parang tinatago-an na ako. Hope to hear your response. Thank you and God Bless

  • uneasy

    Good day, Attorney!
    I would like to ask for opinion on my case…my mother was into lending business, and has borrowed 6 checks from me in collateral to the amount given by her financer. the check asked was blank knowing and believing that it will be returned as soon as the loan transaction is paid.after their transaction with my checks, it was returned lacking 1 pc of it. 4years after the said transaction,1 recently received a demand letter for bp. 22 asking me to settle in the amount of 2.5m in connection with the 1 check not returned to me.please help me on what to do, because the financer clearly knows i don’t owe her anything and what transaction they have was between her and my mother .thank you very much.

  • cleanne

    sir, hello! how could i send my message to you? what should I place sa “recipient” box? thanks! can’t send po kasi yung mail ko sa inyo po.

  • rexy

    Hi Atty. Biron,
    Good day! I just would like to seek your assistance regardng my current dilemna. On year ago, na-approved aku for personal loan with BPI and the monthly amortization would be via Auto debit from my savings account. It was a one year contract and for some reasons, hindi ku na napondohan ung savings account q hanggang one day may letter na dumating sakin from Law firm advising me na isettle ko yung full amount or they will file a case against me. After receiving the said letter, nakipag-coordinate aku with the law firm regarding payment options and unfortunately, was not able to comply with the said agreement. Now ung law firm is nagthreaten ulet that they will file a case SUM OF MONEY against me. What should I do. I have tried talking to the law firm pero I was really disgusted the way they talk to me. I did not issue anything like checks or whatsoever, ang alam ku lang na pinasa ku sknila is the payment agreement na hnd ku naman na comply. Will they use it to file a criminal case against me? Will I be put in jail for this?

    • Atty. James Biron

      Hi Rexy, I don’t have a copy of the agreement which you signed so I cannot tell what case will be filed against you. I suggest you settle the amount to avoid going to court.


    HiAtty! I’d like to ask on the process/requirements before someone can be filed a case in the MTC for BP22? Is BP22 a bailable case? Do we need to wait for Warrant of Arrest before bailing? When the party does not want to amicable settle anything we can do more? this is an Bank Loan unpaid.

    • Atty. James Biron

      Dongmac, the requirements could be found in the BP 22 law, I suggest you get a copy of the law and read it. Yes it is bailable. Yes you have to wait for that, unless you are already in the custody of law, then you may already file for it. If the other party does not want an amicable settlement then you have to face trial.

  • Carlo Yabut

    I just want to ask what if my friend borrowed checks from me and used them as post dated checks in exchange of money. I was not the one who had the transactions. But when the checks bounced the person who received the bounced check was telling me that he will sue me even if i dont know their transactions. What will i do? Will i go to prison? The checks were issued 4years ago, no demand letter until now.

  • jpb

    Gud day atty! I need your advice regarding my loan in a lending company. Pumunta ako dun to inquire about sa salary loan pinagpasa nila ko requirements and yung kulang to follow nlng daw. They asked me to open a checking acct sa banko nila, then pina pirmahan nila sakin yung mga check at nilagay yung mga date ng pagbayad ko. That time di pa nila sakin na issue yung niloloan ko. Nid ko daw muna ma kumpleto ibang requirements, after a week naisip ko di ko nlng itutuloy ang loan ko kc mataas ang interest, nagulat ako after 2 weeks tinawagan nila ako at sabi na kelanan ko n ipasa yung mga kulang ko. Kc pag d ko ginawa ma chacarge daw ako 5k for cancellation fee. Natakot ako so, tinuloy ko nlng yung loan.
    Last october nag close yung checking acct ko kc d ako aware na holiday pla so d ko nahulugan yung cheke nung araw na yun, tumawag ako sa kanila to inform them at binigyan nila ako ng bdo acct pra dun ko ihulog ang pera. So dun nko lgi naghuhulog, but january and feb d pko nkakahulog sa kanila bec my mom got sick. Pinadalhan nila ko demand letter saying mag fa file sila estafa and criminal case dhil sa bounced check. Pls help me.

    • Atty. James Biron

      Good day jpb, get in touch with them and settle your obligation. In that way, you will prevent them from filing a case against you.

  • LAM

    Hi Atty. Biron,
    Just to clarify with regards to bouncing check law and estafa . I was granted a loan at China trust in the year 2007 payable in 36 months which they gave me checks to cover for my monthly amortization meaning they gave me 36 checks which I signed. I started default in paying on the 7th month but still I continued paying even the amount is less than my monthly amortization until today which in fact I already paid my entire obligation and more than pa nga but since I do not have a new arrangement yet I am still paying it, since my account was forwarded already to a collection agency and they kept on threatening me that they will file a case against me cause what they want is for me to pay a huge amount which I am not capable. The agency even use profane language , insults me and even harm my reputation by communicating to anyone here in the office.Can I be sued? Please tell me what to do. I am really worried and depress.Thank you and best regards.

    • Atty. James Biron

      Yes, you can be sued but the question whether they have a good case against you. What you have to do is to go directly to the bank, talk to them how you could settle your obligation.

  • miggy

    Good day atty james. Such a relief to find a forum like this. 🙂 ito naman po ang kaso ko atty. My creditor already filed a Criminal case against me for failure to pay my loan in full. I’ve actaully paid almost half of the amount I borrowed before I stopped paying. I was unable to pay then because I resigned from my regular work to establish my own distribution business. Unfortunately, I ‘failed’ in that business venture, went bankrupt, ergo, i couldn’t pay my obligations. Right now, i would like for my case to be settled once and for all (after almost 2 years). Instead of agonizing over it, id like to tackle it by the horns before it gets any bigger. My question is, is it still possible to settle my case with the lender even if i already have a warrant of arrest? 🙁 pls enlighten me about this. Would sincerely appreciate any advice. Thank you po!

  • cheng

    Good day atty!

    Just want to consult regarding the checks that i didnt issue. My former staff issued my close accounts checks without my knowledge and falsificate my signature. She used it as payments for her debts. Now yung pinag utangan nya was threatening us na they will file BP22 against me.Its not my signature and i have a waiver from my former staff na she issued my checks without my knowledge.

  • mizchel

    hi sir we want to consult po sana regarding what we are going to do in our situation.,we decided to have a business ng Mangga and may naka usap po kami mga tao to be a business partner sa may parting pangasinan and tarlac and we required them to have 200- 250 grams per mangga for 6 tons, naka kuha po kami ng mangga with first delivery 6tons but hindi un pumasok sa requirement na 200- 250 grams only 1+ tons lang po ang pumasok sa wieght and we paid the partial payment with the balance of only 20,000 nalang and again nag padilever po ulit kami ng 8 ton para po pumasok sa requirement ng company na pag ddileveran namin but still 5+ tons lang pumasok sa 8 tons we issued a check of 150,000.00 and we decided to closed the account. and we please the person na kung pwede po sana eh ma less ng konti ung babayaran namin pero ayaw po nila ok na po un but ung nag mamay ari ng manga ay marami pla sila nag kaayos na po kami sa baranggay and we give the partial pay ment of 10,000 and the remaining ay sa na pag kasuduan na na date pero the day before the settlement date eh my nag txt saamin at naniningil sinabing hindi pa kami nag babayad na kahit mag kanu., kaya po nag decide kami na mag file nalang po sila ng case sa part namin dahil po sa ayaw namin na at the end of the day na nagbayad na kami sa knila ay may maningil pa po saamin na iba., please help po! thank you marami pa po kaming sasabihin sir., thank u..

  • Joy

    Hi Atty., I have this issue too. Yung kumpare ng bayaw ko humiram sakin ng 200k last Dec 2013 with 5% monthy interest. May pinirmahan po kaming kontrata, nagissue din po sya ng 10 PDCs. Ang problema, since April 2014 hindi na po sya nakakapagpondo sa banko, hindi na po nya sinasagot ang mga tawag ko at hindi nadin nagrereply sa mga text ko. Nung Monday diniposit ko po ung 3checks nya sa banko (30k each), ngayon po nagadvise na ang banko na may return checks ako. Bukas po pupunta ako sa kanila para ibigay yung demand letter para papirmahin nadin sya. Gusto ko po sanang kumuha ng abogado para mapabilis ang kaso. Ang tanong ko po, mahal po ba ang bayad sa ganitong kaso? Pwede nyo po ba akong tulungan?
    Maraming salamat po.

    • Atty. James Biron

      Hi Joy, depende po yung fee sa lawyer na lalapitan mo. If you are looking to save money, go to the lawyer nearest your place.

  • cathy

    My mother issued a check worth 300,000 but it bounced due to closed account. She already talked to the person who received the check and have it settled na babayaran na lng basta makapaningil din may utang sa kanya. Naghuhulog nman sya pero wala pirmahan dahil ayaw nung may ari ng pera, tapos last week lng nagaway sila dahil masyado demand nung may ari kaya nagdeposit.n.lng mother ko sa banko ng hulog nya. Ngayon,ngpadala sila demand letter for estafa and bp22. What are we hoing to do,my mother cannot pay the whole amount of the check dahil nabankrupt na negosyo nya. Tnx po

  • ems

    Dear Atty James

    May check na issue sa akin na open date amounting to 1.5M. Maibabalik ang pera namin ng 2 to 3 months advance notice. Kapalit nito na kikita ang pera namin ng 3%. May natatanggap kami ng pera every month for almost 2years at eventually naging 2.5%. Ngayon, almost 2 years ng di regular ang bigay. Minsan wala pa. Nag advice na kami ng widrawal last year pa. ’till now wala pang binibigay. Plano kong mag file ng case. May pagasa pa bang mabawi ang pera namin? Anong case ang pwede kong file? Yun na ang lahat ng savings namin kaya hindi pwedeng mabali-wala ang pera kase yun ang kayamanan namin.

    Salamat po.

    • Atty. James Biron

      Dear Ems, please send me a private message.

      • ems

        Dear Atty James,

        Please help.

        Taong 2011 nag invest kami sa pinsan ng asawa ko ng P1.5M. Kapalit nito na kikita ang pera namin ng 3%. May checks (500k/500k/500k) na issue sa akin na open date katumbas ng pera na invest namin. Pangakong maibabalik ang pera namin ng 2 to 3 months advance notice. May natatanggap kami ng pera every month for almost 2years at eventually naging 2.5%. Ngayon, almost 2 years ng di regular ang bigay. Minsan wala pa. Bago pa ako magretire ng April 2012 nag advice na kami ng widrawal . Yung pera na yun ang inaasahan kong magagamit na panimula ng negosyo. ’till now wala pang binibigay na interest. April 2014 ang huling tanggap namin ng pera. Plano kong mag file ng case.

        May pagasa pa bang mabawi ang pera namin?
        Anong case ang pwede kong file?
        Magkano ang gagastusin sa pag file ng case?

        Yun na ang lahat ng savings namin kaya hindi pwedeng mabali-wala ang pera. Walang kasulatang nangyari. Checks lang ang pinanghahawakan namin. Dahil kamaganak sya ng asawa ko kaya nag tiwala kami. May 2014 nang sabihin ng asawa ko sa pinsan nya na wag na syang magbigay ng interest. Ibalik na lang ang pera namin. Papalitan daw nya ang checks. Close account na raw un. Di nya pinalitan ang checks. August 2014 ng magpasabi kami na kailangan namin ng P200k para pambayad- utang. Wala syang ibinigay kahit magkano. August 2014 din ng huling follow-up namin ng widrawal. Simula nun, di na sya nakipagusap. “sige sue nyo ako pero sana may kunsiderasyon” ang habang kunsiderasyon na ang binigay namin.

        Kasama transaction sa simula ay ang pinsan nya na syang nag iinvest ng pera.
        Kapatid na lalaking panganay sa kanya
        at kapatid na lalake na mas bata sa kanila.

        Ang kanyang mga kapatid ang tumatayong sekretaryo nya. Sila ang nagfa-follow-up ng widrawal pero walang nangyari. (Hanggang sa mamatay na ang Kapatid na panganay ng July 2012)

        Ang hirap ng sitwasyon ngayon, may pera kami pero di namin mapakinabangan. Drain na po kami ngayon dahil di na rin ako nakapag trabaho.

        Salamat po ng marami.

      • ems

        Hi Atty, sorry for my ignorance. ‘san ako magse send ng private message?


  • riza

    Dear Atty,

    Meron po akong lending business. May kaibigan po ako na nasa pharma business. Sa akin nya po pinapa rediscount ung collection check nya (pinapalitan ko po ng cash less a rediscounting fee). Ang ginagawa po nya, pag due date na ng cheke, binabayaran na lang po nya ako ng amount ng cheke para d ko na ideposit ung mga cheke. hanggang sa dumating po ung time na d na nya napalitan ng cash at nung deposit ko po ung mga cheke, puro po “daif”. Binigay naman po nya sa akin ung number ng nag issue sa kanya ng cheke at nakausap ko po, Nagalit pa po sa akin at hindi naman daw ako ang kausap nya sa mga cheke na inissue nya. inaako naman po ng kaibigan ko ung obligasyon. Recently po napag alaman ko din po na d naman pala talaga collection check, hiniram lang pala ng kaibigan ko ung mga cheke at wala talaga silang transactions nung may ari ng cheke. Sino at ano po ang pwede ko ikaso sa kanila?

  • DJ Ramos

    Hi Atty, good day! I sold my car with assume balance. The buyer was able to pay 3 months with no hassle but the last September, I tried to withdrae the PDC they gave me for payment but the bank told me that they have closed the account. Our agreement is every 25th of the month but because she told me that her account was close, I allowed her to deposit the payment to my bank account but told her that I will be needing PDCs for the next months.Ocotber 24, she called me that she wont be able to give me the check but would deposit it in my account on Oct. 28. I agreed but yesterday and last Sunday, she is not answering my calls, she blocked me and did not reply to my texts. I am very afraid that she is hiding from me. I am planning to deposit her check and for sure it will bounce since her account is closed already. What sould I do? I really need a legal advice. I am so stressed! We had a deed of sale notarized which said that in 2 months and have not paid the car, they will return it to me peacefully but I am afraid that they will hide from me. And also, they failed to get an insurance and it was hit last month (that’s what they told me). So the car is wrecked. I really dont know what to do. I hope you can help me please. Thank you

  • tin


    Need your help,hindi na po ako makatulog at gusto ndin mag pakamatay sa problema ko,pasensya na po,meron po kasi ako mga utang sa bank tpos Naka PDC lahat yun,nasa 70k per month n ang lahat ng utang ko na babayaran sa loob ng 1 yr,wala na po kasi ako kakayanan mag byad ngayun dhilan sa nawalag work,gusto ko mag abroad para dun Mas makaipon ng pera pang bayad,kaso paano po ba yun? Atty tulungan nyo po ako kng paano ko masulusyunan lahat, Talagang down na down n ako


  • charles


    Hingi po Sana ako legal advise, hindi na po kasi tlaga ako makatulog at minsan umiisip n ng mag pakamatay nalang sa problema ko ngayun, meron po kasi ako PDC sa bank n may 70k per month sa loob p ng isang taon,dti nung may work ako kaya ko pa po,ngayun hindi na po kasi tlaga, meron din kasi ako utang sa 5-6 at yun po ang unahin ko byaran, wala pdin po ako trabaho at plan mag abroad para Mas malaki ang sahod, paano po kaya ung mga cheke ko, pwede po ba na nxt year ko muna sila harapin? Dhil wala p tlaga ako pang byad s kanila,tulungan nyo nman po ako sa advise d ko na po kasi alam ggwin ko, ayoko po kasi makulong…. Pls atty tulungan nyo po ako 🙁

  • marcus lee

    Hi atty. I hope you can email me as well to help me out clarify things and other legal advise as well.

    I have an unpaid loan back in 2011 and i have bp 22 case filed (discovered thru nbi records when i was getting a clearance). I remember in 2012, my cousin who lives beside my previous residence mentioned that there was an arraignment schedule issued by MTC but I was in my job training and cant attend the said arraignment. That letter (or subpoena, i guess) was the first and last communication made by the MTC to me, being sent to my previous residence. After a year, the lender do frequent visits (and made some harrassment) to my cousin and her kids.

    I would like to ask the possibilities to what happened to my case then? It it was filed to the court, why the lender still visit my previous residence to collect money? Was I already convicted? If i will make settlement now with the lender, can they withdraw the case? What will I do the clear my records?

    Thank you very much. Your reply will means a lot and will help me get some peace of mind.

  • sophia

    Good day po atty… meron po ako mga loans sa mga lending companies yung iba po mga tao lang po pero pdc po ang payment.. im working as bank teller and last oct po di ko na talaga kinaya ang sobrang kakaisip kung san po kukuha ng pambayad and sa takot po sa mga naniningil nagbreak down po ako at nagtry mag suicide… ngayon po nag undergo ako medication and psychiatric treatment… may mga nareceive na po ako mga demand letters,,, yung iba po nireplyan ko at sinabi ang kalagayan ko na di pa po ako nakakabalik ng trabaho at walang ibang income kundi ang income ng partner ko na di naman po kalakihan… sa sobrang kahihiyan po na bumalik sa trabaho,,, nag apply po ako work abroad at natanggap naman po ako pero natatakot po ako baka di po ako makaalis dahil sa mga unpaid loans ko po… nung sinulat po namin umabot na po ng 600k mahigit lahat na po un kung isasama mga interest,, naclosed na po ang checking acct ko … gusto ko po sana makaalis at makapagtrabaho abroad para may maipambayad po paunti unti…. kung makaalis po ako pwede ko po ba gawing representative ang partner ko kung sakaling may nagfile po pala ng case sa akin at kailangan mag attend ng hearing? or kung may pambayad na po ako at wala po ako dito sya po sana ang gagawin ko representative para makipag usap sa mga collectors… sana po mabigyan nyo ko ng payo atty. nagpunta na din po kame sa PAO sa munisipyo pero ndi po masyadong approchable ang abugado…. ndi po kame napayuhan ng maayos kasi po parang naiinis yung atty… or parang mainit po ang ulo niya… yun lang po… maraming salamat po.

  • Nikko Castro

    Hi atty,

    I have a problem,Someone owes me around 800k and up to now is not settled yet. She keeps on ignoring my calls and if she do answer she always ask for a week extension. She promised to settle for three time and issued three checks but up to now she is not paid yet. Right now i feel that she is like a pro swindler and not scared of getting sued becauseit will take time for case process. Give me an advice on what should i do. Thank you

  • joe

    Hi attorney,

    Please help me and need your advice on this. I have loans from 2 different bank. at first updated po yon payment ko for about 7 months. pero yon next po nag bounced na po sya kasi di ko na napondohan kasi po nawalan ako ng work and wala ako ng other source of income aside from the fact na single parent po ako… nakarecieved po ako ng notice na sinend nila sa office ko before dun sa isang bank that i need to pay the required amount 5 days after receip of the notice. so i called them and advised me to send a letter requesting for consideration which i did. But no reply from them. after couple of months without communication they sent me a text message that my account isnow unde review and they will file a criminal case against me. yon sa isang bank naman po, same case but yon nakausap ko po na officer from the bank nagbigay ng threat sa kin and used abusive words thru texts.. wala po ako narecieved na demand letter from them since lumipat po kami ng inuupahang bahay but they keep on calling dun sa phone namin sa probinsya pero lola and auntie ko lang ang nakatira dun kasama anak ko… ano po kaya ang possible outcome of this giving my current situation and ano po yon pede kong gawin to solve this…

  • joe

    Hi Atty.,

    Please help me and need your advise. Meron po akong existing bank loan with 2 diff. banks wit issued pdc under 36 month terms. 7 months lang po ako nakabayad kasi nawalan po ako ng work and ala akong other source of income. aside from the fact na im a single parent. yon isa pong bank nag padala po ng final notice thru text message na scheduled for visitation na yon residence address ko and my account is under review for criminal caSe and yon isa same din po but using abusive words. wala pa po akong narecieve na demand letter maybe because lumipat po kami ng nirerent na house because ako mawalan ng work… ano po kaya pede ko gawin…im really worried po kasi. im willing naman po to settle but sa ngyon wala pa talaga ko pambayad…please help… thanks

    • Atty. James Biron

      Hi Joe, I sent you an email. Kindly check your inbox.

      • lori

        atty, last 2010 or 2011 nag loan po ko sa isang bank amounting 20k and issued pdc as they required it una nkakapagbayad po ko but due to many things happened to me hnd ko n po sya, a certain SPO3 called me and said that an arrest warrant will be issued to isang subpoena wla nmn po ko nrcv since mtagal n po ko lumipat ng house so not sure kng nagpapadala sila sa dati po nmin hauz.atty is 4-5yrs still valid to file bp22?please help me po kc gusto ko n po magsuicide s takot na makulong…

      • chona borcelo

        hi atty,

        may unsettled loans din po ako sa bank which I issued PDC.. hindi rin ako makatulog since hindi ko na alam kung anong gagawin ko.. gusto ko sanang mabayaran lahat kaso lang po hindi ko po talaga kaya. nalugi po ang negosyo ko at hindi ko pong kayang bayaran sa sahod ko ngayon dahil may anak ako at nanay na inaalagan at kulang pa po sa amin ang sahod ko.

  • Irene lofamia

    Hi Attorney,
    Gd morning po, Maari po ba akong magtanong kasi po naka utang kami sa lending company bago umalis ang mister ko papuntang ibang bansa. Nag issue po ako ng cheque para sa monthly payment na babayaran sa loob ng 10 months pero di po naihuhulog kasi pinapa moved ko po dahil sa sahod ng mr ko, late ang dating. Pero nung pagdating ng sept. 2014 nag partial ako nag kulang tapos di ako nakabigay ng oct tapos nag bayad uli ako ng nov patial uli dec di po uli at itong jan 2015 patial uli. Sinasabi ko po sa kanila kung bakit di ako nakakabayad kung ano anong masasakit nasalita ang sinabi sakin at sabi ipapakulong daw po ako sabi ko naman sa kanila reconstruct ko yung balance namin ang sagot sakin wala daw sila noon kasi nagka problem lang po kami. Sinabihan po kasi ako nung Jan 20 na wag nadaw po akong magbayad dahil di ko po nabayaran yung balance ko na 3 months pero ang contract po matatapos ngayong feb 2015.Ano po ang dapat kong gawin wala po akong maibabayad na cash sa balance ko ngayong feb. Makukulong po ba kagad ako kung sakaling sundin ko yung sa collection nila na wag na ako magbayad.

  • Irene lofamia

    Wait ko na lang po ba yung sa legal nila na ipapakulong na lang daw po ako sa do ko pagbabayad sabi ko na man po willing na man ako magbayad kaya lang nagka problem lang po kami. sana mo matulungan ninyo ako kung anong dapat kong gawin.

    maraming Salamat po.

  • jay lanuza

    Good Am attorney,

    can i ask for a legal advise? i borrowed 750T money from a friend to finance a project. may kasulatan po kame that the money was intented for a construction project and may fixed return profit siya na 150t after 3 months pagkatapos ng project. i issued a check for 950t post dated after 3 months. unfortunately, tinakbuhan po ako nung contractor na kinuha ko upon getting the down payment. hindi ko na po siya mahagilap. umuwi na daw po ng province dahil maraming kaso dito. nag back out na po yung kliyente ko sa galit. heto po ang sitwasyon ko: 1. paano ko po mahahabol yung lumoko sa akin.?2. dinemanda po ako ng estafa ng aking kaibigan. 3. nabaon po ako sa utang sa mga supplier at may demanda din po ako sa kanila sa barangay namin at sa korte.

    heto pa po. una po naiitindihan pa ng kaibigan ko kasi it has been almost 6 months na po kaya humingi yung kaibigan ko ng bagong tseke dahil stale na raw yung unang check.. sabi ko po di ko pa po kaya bayaran. binebenta po kasi yung bahay ko to pay the loan, eh mahirap po magbenta kaya pinahati nya po na tag 2 tseke amounting to 475t yung tseke. sabi nya hahawakan lang niya at ipapasok na lang kapag may pera na ako. pero sabay sabay po niya pinasok yung mga tseke na 950 at yung dalawang 475. saka nya po ako kinasuhan ng estafa. pwede daw po ako maaresto agad? how can i defend myself sa korte po?? pag natalo po ba ang kaso ng estafa sa korte ay makukulong ako. pls advise po.

    thank you.

  • justin

    Please advise atty. my boss give me 3 postdated checks and told me to rediscount it or find a lending who will make this gud as cash with interest. then on the time of date the lending deposited it, these checks bounced due to stop payment of the other one and no sufficient funds of the 2. they made demands but issuer refused to pay. what case should i file cause i already paid it in my on money to the lending. thanks

  • Enriquez

    Hi Atty. Want to seek legal advice regarding unpaid loans. Do you have an office i can visit for consultations? Pls advise and email back. Thank you.

  • georgina

    magandang buhay po atty.!

    magtatanong po sana regarding sa lending company na nanghaharass sa akin at sa Nanay ko po.

    Co-maker po kami ng Nanay ko ng aking ofw na kapatid. pinagopen po sya ng current acct s bank name affiliated sa lending company. then si lending company n po ung nagbigay s bro ko ng ilang PCs ng tseke para pirmahan. bilang comaker pinapirma din po ako sa gilid ng tseke.

    nung unang ilang buwan po regular sya magbayad. bilang nawalan po sya ng work last year ay Hindi po regular ang padala nya ay nadedelay ang payment sa loan nya. nagbbyad po si nanay sa acct ng lending company Hindi po dun sa current acct ayon sa npagkasunduan nila ng lending.

    ngayon po ay tinetext po ng lending company kami ng nanay ko. pati mga kaibigan namin n walang kinalaman sa loan n may hearing daw po nung April 23. tx lang po iyon at wala kami nreceive na formal letter.

    last yr nagpadala po sila ng subpoena n sa mtc ng paranaque ang hearing. pinuntahan ko po iyon pero wala daw pong ganung judge sa mtc n un at peke daw po ang subpoena.

    nagbbyad po ang nanay ko kapag may extra syang pera dala na din ng stress n dulot ng tawag at Text ng bastos nilang collection agent. they even cursed my Nanay to die and blab mouthing po na sobrang nkakainsulto na.

    ano po ang dapat kong gawin. tinawagan po ng nanay ko ang lending agency para makipag compromise n pano mbbyaran ang loan. s capacity namin dhil nga po d regular ang padala ng nagloan. sinigawan po sya at sinabing umatend n lang sa hearing. tinanong po nya saang mtc ba, ang sabi po ay hanapin n lang nya at sinabihan n sana d kmi mkreceive ng letter para hulihin n lang kmi bigla.

    tama po b nmn un? wala naman pong binanggit na MTC branch s tx at wala po formal letter or subpoena. lang sabi pa po at hanapin daw po kung saan. gusto ko pa sana malaman ang process pag may hearing. at ano po ang ggwin Kong hakbang sa mga bastos n agent. wala nmn po ginawang action ung lending kahit sinabi n nmin sknila na bastos at d maayos kausap any collector nila.

    possible po b n may warrant agad kahit wala kami nrreceive n letter para umatend ng hearing?

    sana po mabigyan nyo ako ng advice dahil nsstress na po ako s pang haharass nila na pati mga kaibigan ko ay nakatanggap ng text nila. nasisira n po ang aking pangalan at pagkatao. pati Nanay ko po nagkakasakit na.
    salamat po ng marami s tulong.

    eto po ung tx nila:
    Gudam. this is from Legal office of nittan capital head ofc manila, schedule of hearing was set on april 23, 2015 8:30at metropolitan trial court here in manila, for the filed case (BP22 anti bouncing check law), your presence is a must to avoid issuance of warrant of arrest. For more info please call us at 633-3188. Tnx."

    • Atty. James Biron

      Magandang buhay din Georgina, please drop by my office so we can discuss this.

      • georgina

        hi Atty. nag tx n nmn po ung lending company. ang sabi d daw po kami umatend s arraignment. eh wala nmn po talaga kami nakukuhang sulat pano po kami ppunta s fiscals office? d naman po namin alam kung saan?

        iisuehan daw po kmi ng warrant.

        tama po b ung proceso?

        salamat po Atty.

    • lyanne

      Good day po, Atty. Same po ito sa situation ko with the same lending company. Ang difference lang po is that sa husband po ng former Supervisor ko ako ng co-maker. And ilang months after niya umalis, napauwi siya dahil sa gulo dun sa country na napuntahan nya. I did not take part on the money, ginawa ko lang po yun yo help them. They assured me na sila bahala sa lahat. Nagulat po ako to find out na wala na sa post nya yung dati kong Sup. Everytime makakareceive ng text yung mga kakilala ko, inonotify ko sya, and the texts would stop. Siguro 2-3 years na yung loan na yun. Nagresign po ako sa work just last Dec and nagstart na naman makareceive ng text amd calls yung mga taong nilagay ko as character reference. I assume, di na naman sila nakapagbayad… hindi ko na din po sila macontact. Ano po gagawin ko? Wala naman po ako pambayad sa loan. Kailangan ko po ng tulong, hindi na po ako makatulog…. apektado na po pamilya ko.

  • Mara

    Hi Atty. I need your advice. I loaned money from a lending company. Signed a contract. I received the money in a form of check and payment is being autodebited from my salary. I was able to pay three fourths of the said amount. However after that I was not able to pay them bec I resigned due to an illness. They even took all of my 13th month pay. Now they sent me a demand letter that includes the payment that I have made. I was upset bec my 13th mo pay that they took was not shown on the breakdown. Also right after my resignation i went to their office and asked what are the options that I have in order to pay them. I was told by their employees that my co borrower will be the one who will be held liable. They took my number and said that they will just contact me. But didnt heard anything from them. I also talked to my co borrower that in case he will get deducted on my behalf then Ill just give the payment to him. He agreed. Now after 6mos I received a demand letter. Will i go to jail for this scenario? What are my options? Thank you in advance Atty.

  • Theo

    Hi Atty.

    I would like to have your advise on this.
    I have an existing Bank Loan issuing 36 PDC as part of their requirement. Nag bounce na po sya after the 10th month. dahil wala akong maipambayad gawa ng late yung incentives ko. yung bonuses go goes directly to my credit card dues. and the 2nd hand car na nakuha ko dahil sa loan ay laging nasisira. may leaves without pay na rin ako dahil sa depression.
    Hinahabol na rin ako ng isang collection agency at law firm. They are threatening me that i could lose my job. Garnish my Salary Account. They also told me that they have sent a Writ of Execution which i didn’t really recieved. They are forcing me to pay the whole amount which i am not not capable of.

    Maraming Salamat Po.

  • John Torres

    hello atty,
    The same po kami ni geoginia, walang natatngap na subpoena SMS lang.

    “Gudam. this is from Legal office of nittan capital head ofc manila, schedule of hearing was set on july 28, 2015 8:30at metropolitan trial court here in manila, for the filed case (BP22 anti bouncing check law), your presence is a must to avoid issuance of warrant of arrest. For more info please call us at 633-3188. Tnx.”

  • Geh M.

    Good day sir, may gusto lang po ako tanungin regarding my situation.Nangutang po kasi ako sa 5-6 umabot po ng almost 24k yung utang yung nakapaghulog po ako ng 9000 ngayon po ang balance ko nalang po ay 15,000 kaso po sa sitwasyon po namin ngayon hindi po kami makapaghulog gawa po ng kulang na kulang po kami sa pera,minsan nangangako ako dun sa pinagkakautangan ko na magbabayad ako sa ganitong petsa but most of the time nga po hindi ko po nasusunod kasi po wala po talaga akong maibayad pa po.Ginagawa ko naman po ang best ko para mabawasan at makabayad dun sa utang ko po,kaso hindi po naiintindihan nung pinagutangan namin,at tinatakot nya po ako na ipapapulis nya daw po ako.ano po ang dapat kong gawin sa ngayon wala po talaga ako maibayad pa kahit nga po pagkain namin sa bahay minsan wala po at minsan sa kawalan nga po ng pera hindi na rin po nakakapasok ang mga anak ko.tulungan nyo naman po ako hindi po ako makatulog kakaisip sa problema ka po na ito…maraming salamat po.sana po masagot nyo po ako sa aking mga katanungan

  • Faith Torres

    Hi atty, good day po..same po with Georgina, ano po dapat ko gawin, two days lang binibigay for mtc sub poena, no demand letter po..hope to hear from you soon. tnx

    “Gudam. this is from Legal office of nittan capital head ofc manila, schedule of hearing was set on aug 12, 2015 8:30at metropolitan trial court here in manila, for the filed case (BP22 anti bouncing check law), your presence is a must to avoid issuance of warrant of arrest. For more info please call us at 633-3188. Tnx.”

  • Ann

    Hello Attorney my case is the same with Georgina and Jonathan…kindly give me advise on this, I went to Mtc but the case wasn’t filed.
    Texting my friends and family members is a violation of my rights to confidentiality as a borrower right? How would I get back to them?
    This is there text to my friends:
    “Gudam. this is from Legal office of nittan capital head ofc manila, schedule of hearing was set on Aug 13 , 2015 8:30at metropolitan trial court here in manila, for the filed case (BP22 anti bouncing check law), your presence is a must to avoid issuance of warrant of arrest. For more info please call us at 633-3188. Tnx.”

    Texting my friends and family members is a violation of my rights to confidentiality as a borrower right? How would I get back to them? I am embarrassed and harassed by the way they treat the borrowers. Please shed some light. Thanks

    What are the basic rights of the Borrower?

    1. The borrower has the right to know the causes of refusal of the application for credit facilities or services from a financial institution that uses basic credit data as basis or ground for such a refusal.

    2. The borrower, for a reasonable fee, shall have, as a matter of right, ready and immediate access to the credit information pertinent to the borrower. In case of erroneous, incomplete or misleading credit information, the subject borrower shall have the right to dispute the erroneous, incomplete, outdated or misleading credit information before the Corporation.

    3. Confidentiality of credit information. The Corporation and other parties shall hold the credit information under strict confidentiality and shall use the same only for the declared purpose of establishing the creditworthiness of the borrower. The accreditation of an accessing entity, a special entity and/or an outsource entity which violates the confidentiality of, or which misuses, the credit information accessed from the Corporation, may be suspended or revoked, in addition to the possible criminal liability of violators.

  • Dayne

    Hi Sir,

    Good day! Gusto ko lang po magseek ng advice. May exisiting personal loan po ako sa CTBC bank. Ngissue ako ng 36 PDC pero after 7 months nclose ung account ko dahil hindi ko napondohan. Nagkaron po ako ng financial issue, yan ‘yong reason bkt ngstop ako mgpondo. Today nakareceived ako ng text from a law firm indicating na mgsasampa sila ng estafa against me. Tried to contact the bank and unfortunately I wasn’t able to settle the amount. Yes, I have a job pero ung salary ko po ay not enough to cover ung loan ko amounting to 120k.

    Sir, paadvice naman po. Thank you!

    • Atty. James Biron

      Hi Dayne, please check your email

      • Anits

        i have the same problem with most of the people stated above. Mine was about chinatrust who approved a loan amtg to 65k last oct 2009. Start of amortization dec2009. i was asked to sign blank 36 checks (and the rest they did not give it to me). No printed name at the check to show it was an acct opened by or for me. I was able to pay fr dec-may 2010 and come june2010 i was (almost all of us) were laid-off. since then i was not able to land a job nor was able to pay. Come 2014 a letter was given to me from our brgy that a letter was given to them to endorse it to me. Call Chinatrust and re-arranged for payment again. I told them that stl I dont have a regular job but was only able to pay 3k/mo for a short of 3mos (feb2014-apr2014). Fr 2011-present (almost yearly) I am often being operated for multiple lumps (bilateral-female upper part). Now, sept2016 they send me another letter and I coordinated with them. They gave me optns 1time/split- 141K or 3mos-149k or 6mos-158k or 12mos-175k or 24mos-393k or 36-509k. All can be paid to my request (ie 4k/mo) but at the end of the scheme chosen payment shld be completed. Certainly what they are giving me is not to lighten nor for me to be able to complete my debts but to put me in a much deeper debt. Can they insist what they want and can they sue me for bp22? Can they just give the most reasonble amt and term? Thank you so much.

  • janice baltazar

    atty gud day.gusto ko lng humingi ng advice kasi po nkahiram po ako ng humugit sa 10,000 na pera sa 5-6 kaso nawalan ako ng trabho kaya di agad ako nkabayad lumaki sya ng lumaki nkikiusap ako sa kinuhanan ko na kung pwede na un nkuha ko nlng un bayadan ko.kaso ayaw nla pumayag pinagbabayad nila ako ng 50,000 sa nakuha ko kung di dw ako mag bayad idedemanda nila ako.natatakot ako wala nman ako pinirmahan na papeles.anu po gagawin ko.

  • May

    Hi atty! I have the same problem po like georgina and jonathan about the said lending firm. I had issues po kasi with my co borrower kaya hindi ako nakabayad sa kanila. Bigla po kasi nag resign yung co borrower ko at hindi ko na po ma contact since then but gusto nila ako magbayad lahat which is I think hindi po naman tama dahil hati kami nung co borrower ko dun sa loan na nakuha namin. I just received the same text message po today but I was not able to call them yet since past office hours na po labas ko sa work. Some of my officemates and relatives also got the same text message they sent me. What can I do po ba with this case? Is it possible po ba na they will issue warrant of arrest if I fail to attend to the hearing? I have work po kasi so hindi ko po talaga sya mahaharap if ever. Thank you po!

    “Schedule of hearing is set on Oct. 12, 2015 with IS # XV-14-INV- 13E-01689 at Metropolitan Trial Court for the filed case (BP22 anti bouncing check law), your presence is a must to avoid issuance of warrant of arrest. Please call us.. “

    • Atty. James Biron

      May, I sent you an email, please check.

      • jiyoon

        Atty same situation here. Hindi pa nman po umabot sa hearing kaso pinapabayaran Nila Yung full amount ng loan wherein nabayaran na po ng borrower Yung part niya(comaker po ako) and binayran ko na din Yung missed payments ko in full. And Hindi pa tapos Yung loan term. Iniinsist po Nila bayran ko Yung buong loan otherwise ipursue Nila Yung kaso. Pwede po ba Yun Kung existing pa Yung loan and nabayaran na Yung missed payments? Thank you

  • carmi principe

    atty need ur help po
    utang 7% interest po running for over a year nawalan po work and naoperahan po ako,nkiusap stop tubo na but she refuse po .as of now i just gave birth via cs po no work/
    i received subpoena today po dinemanda pala nya ako 5 bounce check po amounting to 150 k in total ano po gagawin ko??

  • Oscar

    Hi Attorney James. I have the same situation with Georgina, Jonathan, Ann, and May with the same lending firm. Can you kindly give me some advice on how we can go from here, please? Looking forward to hear from you soon. Thank you, Attorney.

  • Jeane

    A blessed day to you, Attorney James. I have the same situation with Georgina, Jonathan, Ann, May and Oscar with the same lending firm(Nittan Capital Lending ). Can you kindly give me some advice on how we can go from here, please? Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you in advance Attorney.

  • glen

    hi attorney.. nagkapagloan po ako sa lending company at ang payment po ay mag iisue ako ng check.. month of april my first month payment ko po ok pa, then sumunod po na buwan na close po yong checking account ko then nag inform po ako don sa secretary ng lending na wag ng ipasok yong check dahil naclose account nga po ako tapos advise sa akin nung secretary magdeposit po ako sa account nila para sa penalty at sinunod ko naman po .. then after a month nagtext po ulit ako sa kanila nakikiusap ako kung pwedeng magpartial muna ako dahil gipit pa po talaga.. month of june nagpartial ako ng 2,000 para sa mga penalty.. tapos month of august meron po akong narecieved na resolution galing metropolitan nakalagay po dun na may kaso na akong bp22 then nagtext po ako dun sa secreatary nakikiusap kung pwede pagbigyan po ulit dahil wala pa po talaga akong manghulog sa kanila, then month of october nagdeposit po ako ng 3,600 then after a day nakareceived na naman ako ng notice schedule for hearing dahil sa kasong bp22 oct 19 ang nakalagay sa notice for arrangement… hindi po ako nakarating sa araw na yan dahil po bagyo hindi po ako makapagbyahe nag inform naman po ako dun sa nag complaint na hindi ako makakarating sumagot naman po sya na OK… tapos yesterday meron dumating sa bahay na warrant of arrest at nakalagay dun na magbibigay ako ng 2,000 / counts and the arrangement will be on Nov. 25, 2015… ano po ba ang dapat kung gawin attorney pease advise po… Thanks

  • Justin

    Hi Atty James
    Yun pong kapatid ko nagfinance sa isang company at nagkaroon sila ng agreement ng company lender at borrower agreement na may due date na 60days at may penalty of 10% per month pag hindi binabayaran.Nag issue po ng post dated cheque yun owner ng company under ng personal cheque nya at may resolution din po from the company na allowed sya mag issue ng personal post dated cheque.Meron din pong binigay na deed of assignment of payment signed by the company owner at naka lagay po doon sa deed of assignment na authorised yun kapatid ko to collect payment direct sa Client/Project Owner at may reference na project kung itong deed of assignment.
    Dumating po yun due date ng mga post dated cheque at nung dinepodito po sa banko ng kapatid ko tumalbog un flahat ng 5 podst dated cheque na isnisyu ng borrower.
    Laging pong nangngako itong borrower na magbabayad for the last 6months pero hindi pa din po nkakabayad at lagi lang syang pinaaasa.Sabi po daw nya hindi oa sila nkakareceive ng payment.
    Pwede po ba sya idemanda ng estafa? maliban sa BP 22.Pede po ba makulong itong estafador?Gaano po ba katagal ang kaso ng estafa at BP 22. Ano po ba ang estimate lawyer fee sa ganitong mga kaso?
    Salamat po ng marami.

  • sheila

    Atty. James, I need your advise. I have a loan with CTBC Bank amounting to 60k. I was only able to pay 18k and got delinquent due to financial reasons. Now 6 years after the account got delinquent, I’m in a better financial position and would like to clear my account. however, i called the bank and they want me to pay 160k as full settlement. im thinking, sobrang exorbitant naman po ng amount. i tried to negotiate but they wouldn’t budge talaga. My salary is not able to cover 160k one time payment. I have another deliquent account with Metrobank, i negotiated with them and from 78k, i paid only 45k to clear the account. now its fully paid. my concern is, how do i deal with CTBC as i really want to settle the account but impossible naman hinihingi nila. thanks attorney!

  • John

    Atty. For a 1.3M peso estafa case magkano po ang bail? A friend of mine owes me this much and i have already file a case against him. Pls let me know. Thanks

  • John Michael

    Atty. Eto po yun problema mother ko nakautang po sya ng pera sa 5/6 paunti unti po syang nakakuha doon and ang tubo which is alam naman natin na pag sa tao at 5/6 malaki ang interest for 8 months po nakahiram po sya ng total amount of 830k tapos un ibang tubo nabayaran nya yun iba hindi na sinisingil pa sya ng nasa 120k na tubo pa daw. Bale kasi atty. Nag issue kasi ng check ang mother ko everytime nakakahiram sya ng pera nag issue sya check dun sa inutangan nya. Lahat po to din namin alam na magkakapatid ngayon po wala pambayad mother namin kasi nalugi din negosgo nya and kahit yun tubo si na nya mabayaran wala sya choicd kundi ipaalam sa amin magkakapatid yun tungkol sa utang na yan and ginigipit na daw sya nun pinagkakautangan nya na pag d nya binayaran ng buo idedemanda daw sya. So nakipag usap kami dun sa pinagkakautangan nya at nakikipag settle kami na babayaran namin monthly till mabayaran lahat yun utang ng mother namin pati na ri po yun napakalaking tubo. Last month po nagbigay kami 150k tinangap naman po nya un payment kaya lang po sabi nya for feb and march nalang sya tatangap ng installment na tig 100k after daw po ng march by april 2016 dapat daw po bayaran na ng buo ng balance kasi kung hindi babayaran magdedemanda daw po sya. Hingi po sana kami advise kung ano po maganda namin gawin na legal kasi nakikipag settle naman po kami at willing kami magbayad kaya nga lang d namin mababayaran ng buo installment din po kahit nga po un napakalaking tubo na pinakiusapan namin na alisin na nya pero ayaw po nya pumayag. Natatakot lang po kasi kami kasi nag issue po kasi check mother namin un parati pinantatakot sa amin. Sana po mabigyan nyo kami legal advise. Salamat po.

  • Karl

    Hi Atty.!

    Meron po akong loan sa Chinatrust since 2014 and 36 months to pay po yun. The PDCs that i have signed ay galing din sa kanila. Nagstop ako on the 8th month kasi wala ng pang pondo.. Naka receive ako ng email from them pero once lang and a single text as well. As of this writing, mahigit 1yr na akong wlang binabayad sa kanila. My questions are, Possible po kaya na in-progress na ung case ko with them? Bakit wala na ako uli nareceive na text or email from them? Nakakanerbyos po kasi baka bigla bigla na lang sila sumugod or magpatawag sa court.. Possible po kaya na pinapalaki lang nila ung interest ko?

    Thank you in advance Atty.

  • Elainea

    Good day atty. Hingi lng po ako ng sagot, may nag issued po kasi ng post dated cheque skin as payment sa inorder nyang goods.then sbi nya wait ko ang txt nya before me ipasok sa bangko to incash the cheque.until dumating ang krisis sa buhay nmin hangang naisip ko na ilapit ko ung cheque sa kakilala ko for rediscounting less 10% interest,agree nman po ako.Ang problema ng dumating yong eksaktong date sa cheque,ipinasok sa bangko nung taong pinapalitan ko for deposit,natrace po nya “account closed”na pla.Ngaun po ako ang hinahabol nya,kasi itinatanggi daw po sya nung nag issue ng cheque na d dw sya kilala,at ako nmn dw ang kausap nung may ari ng cheque,kya galit na galit skin,iblik ko dw po pera nya.pinadalhan n rin po ako ng demand letter pg dko dw po ibalik pera nya upon received the dmand letter,magpafile na dw sya case laban skin.Ano po bang dpat gawin e isa dn po akong biktima dto?at sino po b tlga ang liable for this case?ako po ba nagparediscount o ung may ari at nag issued skin ng cheque?isa pmy pirma nya rin po at sya dn ang ngsulat ng amount at date.Pls help me po,first tym ko po maka encounter gnitong prob.Thank you po

  • Maria

    Hi Attorney Good pm

    I have personal loans with commercial banks covered by PDCs all for 36 mos. aggregate amort per mo is 40k. have been paying religiously for over a year now but since wala na ako pambayad for the coming mos and to spare myself from embarassment and harrassment in my work, i resigned last dec. 2015.

    I have availed those loans because during that time my infant daughter was very sickly (up to now) and my partner has no job before. I was the breadwinner. Dumami yun mga personal loans kasi kapag wala nako pambayad sa existing, loan ulit. Ang nangyari po eh ngloloan ako para may pambayad sa existing loans hnggang ngkapatong patong na.
    Wala na po ako pagkukunan ng mga pambayad/pampondo ng mga issued checks ko. My acct will be closed cause the checks will bounce. May nka due po ako today pero hndi ko na mapondohan. Meron din nka due sa feb 8 and so on. 5 checks po pinoponduhan ko every month. principal amt of the loans are less than 120k. Ang outstanding balance as of today less than 90k na lang kasi nakapag bayad nako ng more than a year. Ang aggregate balance po ng mga utang ko po as of today is more or less 500k lahat. Wala po ako ganun kalaking pera.
    I need po ng advice attorney hndi na po ako nakakatulog sa kakaisip. I have no other income and no personal valuable properties to sell. My partner only earns minimum wage at SM. My daughter is more than one year old now. and i dont want to get in jail. I am having suicidal thoughts already but when looking at my daughter cant help but cry for being selfish. I know i have made bad decisions and am still learning my leasons from them. Sising sisi na po ako.
    Lumapit na din po ako sa mga siblings ko na pwede makatulong but to no avail may sarili din po kasi silang pamilya. Hndi po alam ng fAther ko ang situation ko and i am afraid of his wrath. My parents are both retired and umaasa sila sa aming magkakapatid.

    I am sincerely asking for your advice attorney. I am having sleepless nights and suffering from anxiety. Soon, tatawagan na ako ng mga banks at maniningil na sila. I have no money to spare pambayad. From my partners small income uunahin ko po ang basic needs ng anak ko at pamilya namin. I am currently applying for another work but even if will have a job soon my salary will not be enough to pay for all the 40k amort. per month. Kung makakabayad ako sa isa, meron pa rin maiiwan.

    What will i do attorney. Will the banks go through the length of filing a case of BP22 even if i am a good payor for more than a year? And outstanding balances of the loans only under small claims, less than 100k?

    Thank you very much attorney for taking the time to read. I hope to hear from you soon.

  • mae

    hello sir, i just want to ask about sa case ng sister.ko na isang ofw. year 2011 ng mag abroad sya at nag loan sya ng 30k sa nittan lending . nagbabayad po sya ng 10k monthly na pinababayad nya sa pinsan namin. at ngayon araw nag txt po ang nittan na hindi pa daw bayad ang sister ko at magfile po daw sila ng case na bp22. for 3 yrs hindi po sila nagpaparamdam at wala rin idea ang kapatid or kami na hindi pa pala sya fully paid. ano po pwede namin gawin? thanks ng marami

  • Gerlie libres

    Good day Atty,

    Nag issue po ako ng cheque sa friend ko as collateral sa pinuhunan nyang pera sa business ko then nag bankcupt po ako at wala na along maibalik na pera sa kanya. Ngayn nagfile po sya ng estafa bp22. May subpena na po ako. Ano po pwede ko gawin?

    • Atty. James Biron

      Good day, Gerlie, obey the subpoena and hire a lawyer to help you with your case

      • John arcega

        Hi po atty, nag file po ng bp22 yung supplier ko ng tiles dahil nag bounce mga cheq ko, nakapag pyansa na po ako, ano po ba ang pde ko gawin, ang gusto ko po kasi ay mag huhulog nalang po ako 3k per month dahil wala naman po ako work

        • John arcega

          Hi atty, may pwesto po ako tiles at nkapag issue po sa supplier ko ng cheq kaya lang po nalugi ako at nag close na store ko, kinasuhan po nila ako, na warrant po ako, nakapag pyansa na, ang tanong ko lang po atty, willing naman po ako mag bayad sakanila ng 3k monthly dahil wala nman po ako work, pwede ba ito atty, ayaw ko po makulong, willing na willing po ako magbayad, may posibility po ba na pag hindi sila pumayag sa 3k monthly ay makukulong po ba ako,?

        • Atty. James Biron

          Hi John, I sent you an email

  • Rake Lanzanas

    Good day, Attorney. meron po nagkakautang sa amin. I have contracts na pinirmahan nya saying that he owes this amount. It has been 5months and still, wala siyang nababayadan. The amount is quite large. Lagi niya lang sinasabi sa amin na magbabayad siya this day, tomorrow, next week, but nothing happens. Nag-iisue siya ng mga checks–lagi nalang closed account, bounced, return checks. He has an attorney and also promises to pay us in tranche payment starting March and we will be having a contract. But i doubt since March na bukas and still wala pang contract na naisasagawa. And the one who’s supposed to pay us even tell us that he will just say to the court that he will settle it 2 years na sasabihan nya wala siyang pera pag kinasuhan namen siya. What would be our next step? is it possible that 2yrs nya talaga babayaran? or dpede pa din sa mapagkasunduan sa settlement. help us atty. thanks!

    • Atty. James Biron

      Rake, you may seek the assistance of your own lawyer to help you file a case against this person who owes you money

  • Evangeline G

    Sir gud am…gusto ko lng po iconsult ung kaso ko…kc nagabroad po ako as ofw nagkaproblema mo ako sa abroad kya within 3months umuwi po ako pro may lending po ako na 100k at ang tubo nsa 70k po plus ung may hiningi sila sken na 10k bgo irelease ang 100k…umutang po ako at ibinayad un as placement fee po ngayon nakakuha ako ng quitclaim na 30k sa agency at ibinayad sa lending…ngayon po di pa ako nakaalis ulit kc nagapply po ako ulit abroad pra mabayaran lending ko,problema po di mapakiusapan ang lending na ifreeze muna ang utang ko willing nmn ako magbayad…ngayon ngpadala po ng demand letter na after 5 days na hindi ako nakapagpadala ng payment kasuhan ako sa pasig trial court?wala tlga ko mapagkunan ng pera,ung tseke na sila din ang nagpaissue at pinapunta nila ko dati sa bdo ngayon sb tumalbog daw po kht pinakiusapan ko na wag muna ideposit…ano po puwede ko gawin dto?kung iclose account po ba checking sa bdo may babayaran po ba ako sa kanila regarding sa bounce checks mga dalawang checks daw tumalbog…pls help po…salamat

  • joseph

    Good day attorney,

    Meron po ako loan with equicom since 2013, di po ako nakakatanggap ng letter from them until now about the loan dahil po nag abroad ako. Puwede ko po kaya isettle with them dahil nag issue po ako ng pdc. Pano po maxheck whether nagfile po sila ng case against me coz gusto ko po sana isettle. Pag pumayag po sila na isettle? possible po ba na di magprogress ung bp 22 case na possible nafile nila?need ur urgent help. Thanks attorney.

    • Atty. James Biron

      Joseph, I sent you an email, please check

      • aurora

        Sir same case po ako nag issue din ako ng mga checks and hindi din po napondohan kasi hindi na kayang bayadan.makakasuhan po ba ako at magrereflect po un sa nbi ko.ngaun po kasi lilipat nako sa malapit na work eh kelangan ko nbi

  • Maria

    Hi Atty.,
    Same case po sa lending company, nakahiram po kami for placement fee, then nagissue po ng checks for payment sa knila, kaso po un sa case ko nagsara na po un bangko, nag inform pa un bangko sa mister ko na sarado na cla at binalik pa un pera nasa bangko nila, then nagbayad nlng po kmi ng cash sa lending kaso natigil po un pagbayad nmin dahil nawalan po work..ngaun po may text po kmi natanggap na kakasuhan daw po kami ng bp22,, pede ho ba makasuhan kahit nagsara naman ang bangko..nananakot ho kasi cla.ano ho ba ang pede namin gawin..salamat po..

  • Ralph

    Hi Atty..

    we have a loan of 72k via Eastwest Personal Loan last Dec.2014. We have paid 4 successive months via PDC but we had some financial struggle and we are not able to pay the rest. Today someone emailed us that we should pay the amount of 184k or else they would file a case of BP22. We are not financially stable as of now. Because my earnings are a bit low to pay a Lump sum amount. What can we do to negotiate…last week,f a demand letter was sent, then today, another one is sent by a law firm.

    We really need your help right now.. THanks

  • Mil

    Hi Atty.

    Similar din po sa case nila georgina. Yung girlfriend ko po co-maker. Ito naman po yung text na finorward sa kanya ng lending company:


    Ano po ba ang dapat gawin? At pag co-maker po ba pwede din pong makasuhan?

  • joseph

    Attorney, I have question, meron po kasi akong loan from equicom since two years ago at nag issue po ako ng pdc. Maari ko pa po kaya masettle ito. Nagfifile po ba agad amg bank ng bp22 case kahit di po ako naiinform until now. Gusto ko po sana bayaran ung loan.In case po may case ako, san po ba puwede iverify at ano po steps na gagawin ko para maclear ung name ko.

  • Mars


    May I seek your help concerning my problem.
    I had two loans. one is from CTBC and the other is Sterling bank of Asia.
    First is CTBC mga 7months na po ako di nakakabayad i tried negotiating with them if I can pay them with the same monthly amortization pa rin at i-extend nila ng 7 months para mapay ko sila kaso di sila pumayag as of now they said na nasa collection na then i talked to the collection agency i-fifile na daw nila ng case. Actually I complain sa BSP about harassment kasi CTBC are trying to call the attention of our HR office at nagpapunta ng agent para lang manigil ako pero di parin kami nakapagkasundo ng BSP. Gusto ko sila bayaran pero di ko kaya yung gusto nila restructuring para sa akin sinabi ko na kaya ko lang is 3712 which is my original m.a. pero 4500 yung binibigay sa akin di pa naman tapos yung contract kasi hanggang 2017 ko pa sila dapat bayaran. kung puede lang na isettle ng one time payment why not kaysa sa matakot ako at di na makatulog.

    2nd is sterling 7 months narin ako di kabayad and the bank said tried to negotiate with the collection kaso ang hinihingi ng collection is 177K pero ang loan ko lang is 125k at nasa 90K narin ang binayad ko sa bank super exagerate yung sinisingil sa akin sabi nila this is due for the penalties sabi ko email nila sa akin yung breakdown pero hangang ngaun wala pa as of now tahimik ang dalawang bank natatakot po ko baka bigla nalang ako ipadampot o padalhan ng letter. yung CTBC check are issue by them samantala ang Sterling namn e nagopen ako ng checking account sa kanila kaso wala ako pinirmahan na check at kumpleto parin ang check book ko autodebit yata yung ginagawa nila…. please help me.

    plus I have already negotiate with my deliquet credit card kaya hirap na hirap narin ako nag negative na ang income ko puro labas ng pera. kinailangan ko lng kasi ng pera para sa gamot ko.

  • Anonymous

    Hi atty! Ask ko lang po if pwede pa po ba ako magbigay ng notice of dishonourmenr after 3 yrs of bounce check. Hindi po kasi kami nakapagbigay ng notice sa kanila nung nagbounce ang cheque nila 3 yrs ago. Gusto ko po sana magsampa ng BP 22 if still possible po. Thank you.

  • sheena co

    Hi Atty, good day! I sold my car with assume balance. The buyer was able to pay 3 months but last may, I tried to withdraw the PDC they gave me for payment but the bank told me that they have closed the account last march . Our agreement is every 5th of the month. he gave me 12 pdc’s to cover 1 year.he has a pending case with us regarding another vehicle which he rented and he never gave it back. hhe is not answering any of our calls, sh nor reply to my texts. we have a deed of sale. we believe that both cars were carnapped. i need a legal advise on what case to file fir the assumed balance car. thank you so much

  • Lea

    Good day Atty. Biron
    Isa po akong ofw sa Taiwan. Kumuha po ako ng bahay sa isang subdivision thru banking. Nakapag issue na po ang bank ng 15 checks and naibigay ko na po sa developer. Ngayon humina po ang company namin kaya gusto ko na po sana icancel ang loan. Ano po ang dapat kong gawin? Salamat.

  • Mark Arlo P. UY

    I need legal counsel asap.pls email me sir.

  • Mark Arlo P. UY

    Need legal counsel po..please email me sir..

  • Ruth Rey

    Goodmorning Atty,
    I have personal loans at CBTC, SBS and Sterling bank of Asia comprising total of 200k with PDCs.
    I was a defaulter since 2014 after the loans were released in 2013. How is that? I became financially incapacitated and a lot of threats from collection agencies I experienced.
    Please email me. Thank you.

  • Ella Marie

    I have a loan with CTBC (Chinatrust) more than 5 years ago na di nabayaran. Nasa 30k+ pa po ung balance when I stopped paying. Stopped kasi di na kaya ng salary ko since I became the breadwinner of the family when my dad lost his job and my brothers are still studying. A law (and/or collection) office is already contacting me and told me to pay P250k+ in just a matter of 3-4days. Failure to pay, they’ll file cases/complaints to MTC for RA-8484-Collection of Sum of Money; RA-315- Breach of Contract; RA-318- Deceit, and BP 22- Anti Bouncing Check Law.

    Can you advise po what course of actions I can do? Thanks po.

    • Atty. James Biron

      Ella, please send me a PM

      • Nina Camille

        Good day po Atty.

        Can you please advise me… I had almost the same case as Ms. Ella. However, I recently recieved a call from a certain police chief inspector stating that I have a warrant of arrest in relation to BP 22 and RA. 8484 which will be served within 24 hours if I dont contact the complainant which I suppose is the collection agency “lawyer” handling may account,

        Your immediate advise regarding this matter will be highly appreciated.

      • Tia Ordonez

        Hello Atty,

        Same case po ako ng kay Ella Marie. Pa advise po sana kung anu maaaring gawin. Salamat po.

  • Leonida

    Hello Atty.

    Nagfile po ako ng small claims and may writ of execution na po. Pumunta na ako sa Rizal RTC Antipolo para ipasheriff
    na po iyong taong nanloko sa akin. Per sheriff advise alamin ko daw kung may personal / real property iyong nakautang sa akin or kung may work siya para iyon ang kukunin ng sheriff. Nakapisan sa biyenan ang defendant at wala po ako way para malaman kung may property na nakapangalan sa kanya. Ano po ang dapat kung gawin.
    Possible po ba na magfile ako ng criminal case kahit na may writ of execution na po sa small claims?

  • JJ

    Hi Atty James, What is the prescription period for estafa (bouncing Checks) . If the prescription period has elapse, What happens to the case.

  • Cathy

    Good morning atty!

    Ano po ang gagawin ko kasi last 2009 may loan po ako sa isang lending company at 8 months po ako hindi nakabayad may ini issue po ako na pdc.Ngayon may na received po ako warrant of arrest at ask ko po kung pwede pa ba ako maka punta sa ibang bansa even for 1 week lang kasi my free na trip ako sa tita ko.pls help me on this matter.thank you and God bless us!

    • Atty. James Biron

      Check if there’s a hold departure order against you

      • cathy

        Hi Attty James,

        Ask ko lang po dahil may warrant of arrest na ako.Pero tinawagan ko ung lending company.sabi sa akin punta daw ako sa office nila to settle.Ask ko po Atty na hindi po ba nila ako basta ipapadampot doon. Pag pumunta po ako doon wala pa naman ako enough na money para pambayad sa balance ko.Paano po yon Atty.Ano po dapat kom gawin?

        Thank you po

  • Morgan

    Good evening po Atty.Hihingi po sana ako nang payo kasi po nag co-maker po ako tapos po yung utang 200,000pesos
    bali 3 yrs napo ang utang sa lending company isa po ako sa nakapirma sa checke kasi po co maker ako. ngaun po ang problema ko di nagbabayad mismong humiram kaya isa ako ngaun sa sinisingil, wala naman po akong natatanggap na subpoena mula noon pero po nitong year 2016 ng july 20 yung mother ko naka receive ng letter from lending pero po yung letter from MTC nakasulat doon na Case BP22 pinadalhan daw po ako at ang mismong nangjtang ng subpoena pero wala naman talaga po akong natataggap, tapos po yung letter since month of May 2015 pa po. Wala po akong kaalam alam na since May 2015 pa pala ako may warrant of arrest. Diko po alam ang gagawin ko ano po ba ang dapat kong gawin? pls. Payuhan po ninyo ako gulong gulo na po ang isip ko. Natatakot po ako kumuha ng NBI clearance baka dun palang hulihin na ako.

  • Kashieca

    Hi Atty. glad I found this page.
    Question ko lng po sana I got hit sa NBI reason of bounced check,whats the best way to solve this problem atty?para makakuha ako ng nbi? Thank you po.

    • Atty. James Biron

      Kashieca, NBI will make an investigation
      and if you’re not the real culprit then no need to worry, just return on the assigned day to pick up your clearance

      • Kashieca

        Hi atty. I remember some issuance of check before the time our business bankrupt. Maybe its me or my name who involve on that bounces check. Also thr nbi did not schedule me appointment for an interview. What will happen next atty. if case like this,does an nbi can bring me to jail?

  • Miss Ordinez

    Hello Atty. Matulungan nyo po sana ako. Parehas po kame ni Miss. Ella Marie, may utang sa Chinatrust (CTBC) more than 5 yrs na ren. Pwersahan po ang pagopen ng account doon at mag issue ng PDCs. May nabasa po ako, ang sabe > “Ung personal check are just payment stubs- so won`t fall for bp22/estafa case if ever, a kung personal check man yan of course the court is aware that these PDCs were issued to pay-off loans and not to defraud”.

    Since lawyer po kayo, how true is this? Pede po paki explain pa. Salamat.

  • Daisy

    Hi Atty,
    meron po ako kaso na BP 22, meron po kasi ako lending loan at hindi ko na nabayaran yung last 4 checks ko due to financial problem. nasa court na po siya ngayon hindi ko alam na nasa korte na pala siya buti na lang one of my friend na may hearing dun sa same place na may hearing din sana ako narinig niya na nabanggit yung name ko kaya she texted me agad na may kaso daw ako. ano po ba dapat ko gawin para madismiss yung kaso ko kasi may warrant of arrest na daw po ako yun nga lang nakalipat na kami ng bahay kaya hindi nila na serve yung warrant “unknown” daw po yung naka tag sakin. gusto ko sana ayusin to para hindi na lumaki pa ano po dapat kong gawin.

    maraming salamat po.

  • Chloe

    Hi Atty.

    My cousin was.a co maker of a loan of 20k last 2002. When she applied for NBI clearance last 2015 only did she knew that she has an MTC case filed June 2006. There is a balance of P11k She never received any notice. She transferred residence more than 3 times depending on the location of her job assignment.
    She knew that her account was funded. The branch of her account was closed sometime 2005.
    The concern : Is the case still valid when she never received any notice from that time of occurence? What are the next steps to be done since its already 2016 or more than 10years. The person/company who filed it is nowhere to be found?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Jing

    Hi Atty James, hingi sana ako n advice kung paano gagawin. Nakautang po ako sa lending firm last 2008. Sa madaling salita po nahinto ako ng pagbayad. Pero around March ng 2010 ay naka fully paid po ako. ang problema po this year po kumuha ako ng NBI clearance at may nafile pala silang kaso sa MTC pasig. I contacted the lending firm at binigyan naman ako ng cetficate of full payment at pinapupunta ako sa main office nila para raw makuha ko clearance to present to Pasig MTC.Ang tanong ko po kung pupunta po ako sa PAsig MTC hindi kaya ako aarestuhin?meron po ba akong babayaran sa MTC.Very cooperative naman ang lending firm.

    Salamat at more power Atty!

  • Lancelot Montes

    Hi Atty.Good Morning. Need your advice.
    I have a hit on my NBI earlier today and was advised to wait.I was thinking this could be a case of unpaid loan I made with Chinatrust that was left unpaid by my friend. I have been out of the country and would not have received any correspondence.I have arrived in the province and they want me to wait for a week to claim. I would like to go to Chinatrust and settle the loans under my name.
    Questions: Will they entertain me there?If I make the payments will my name be eventually cleared?How long will the NBI issue me a clearance after full payment?Do I need to bring anything with me when I return to NBI?
    I plan to settle everything first with the bank in Manila before going back to NBI satellite office in the province since I already have a booked flight.Thank you in advance.

  • Cecelia

    Hi Atty.

    Good day!

    Tanong lang po. Co maker po ako. Tapos ung borrower po d nka settle. Sa nittan lending din po. Ngayon po may nagtx sa akin ng schedule ng arraignment pero wala pong binanggit n MTC branch. Tapos sabi po tumawag s ofc ng lending company.

    Ano po b process ng arraignment? Sino po dapat mag inform? Dapat po ba akong mkareceive ng letter from the MTC signed by the judge?

    Am i liable as the borrower? I also signed the checks issued by the lending company.

    Pls enlighten me.

    Thank u po God bless

    • georgina

      we have the same scenario. i am also a co borrower.. and wla ako napakinabangan sa loan n un….. now sa fb sila nmn nag msg.. d n sila nakuntento for texting my family and friends..

      i even went sa mtc sa isang letter n nareceive ko only to find out it was a bogus judge. that the judge indicated does not exist. ung totoong judge sa mtc told me to scrap the paper. nanakot lang daw un.

      til now wala pa rin sila tigil.

    • Georgina

      Hi cecelia. Pareho tayo ng case. Wala ako nrrcv n letter for arraignment. Then nagttx sila sabi may warrant n daw for not attending the arraignment. Nkkstress na to.

  • Soc

    Good day Atty.

    I got a resolution letter today po regarding a bp22 case filed against me ng lending company for 4 bounced checks amounting to 2,466.76 each. Ano na po susunod na mangyayari after receiving this? Currently, wala po akong work. Pwede pa ba po akong makipag settle? Ibig sbhn po ba nito me kaso na po ako. Please help. Kindy send me an email where I can send you back the scanned copies ng resolution letter. Your reply is very much appreciated.


  • Berna

    Hi Atty,
    Thank you for putting up this site and for graciously counselling for all of us, I have a question too.
    My dad mortgaged our car thru a financing agency, he issued postdated checks for it, after one payment, he got ill and was confined to a hospital and later was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, all his income from lending activities and condo rentals wen straight to finance his medications and monitoring, which caused him to default on his payments, as her daughter, I shouldered some of his expenses but he requested instead that I fund his checks of 30k monthly, I am not that well off so I couldn’t say yes to that, I later called the financing agency to ask for a restructure hoping for humanitarian reasons they might agree since my dad got sick and won’t be able to continue paying, I am willing to assue the loans if they will lower the ammortizarions, i further told them that it will be fine for me if they will increase the interesr so long as I can afford the monthky ammortization,they weren’t very friendly and ignored my request, instead they sent us demand letters, I also I asked them to hold the check but they deposited it despite my pleadings that I cannot fund it. I felt so harassed.
    Will my dad be charged of estafa or BP22? Is there a legal basis to force them to accommodate my request. If they will sheriff the car will there be a suit against my dad? My dad doesn’t want to surrender the car becuase they are using it as a GRAB Car and he needed the income for his needs they are planning to use the car untill the financing agency claims it. I am worried they will get harassed or a suit maybe filed together with the confiscation.

    Thank you in advance!

  • fel

    hello po atty..nagloan po kasi kme sa nfinit..nung una di nmen nabayaran tapos ilang beses nadn cla ngmemesage na kpag di nabayaran eh mgfafile na cla ng case almost one year nadn pero naibalik nmn nmin ung naloan nmen un nga lang di pa namen nabayara ang close na ung account nmen sa bdo pero nung nkaran nghulog ako ng msg sa kanila tas bingyan nila sa kin ung mismong account na nang nfinit..anu po gagawin nmen atty?,napakalaki ng interest nila bwat buwan ..halos 6k ang interest.

  • Lemuel

    Hi Attorney,
    Pa advice po last 2009 nka pag loan po ako sa banko formerly planters bank na binili na ata ngayon ang china bank nka pdc po yung loan nahinto lang po yung pagdedeposit ko ng matanggal ako sa dati kung trabaho di ko na po nabayaran here comes 2016 sa bago kung trabaho nabigla ako ng may natanggap akong demand letter asking me to pay the amount of 876thousand na ang loan ko lang man is 60thousand gahit anong gawin ko di ko po kayang bayaran yun they threaten to file a criminal case po attorney di ko na po talaga kayang bayaran yun hirap na hirap po ako, pls help. Ano po ang pwede kung gawin? Thank you po.

  • She f.

    Gud day po tanung ko lng po co maker po ako ng kuya ng asawa q po s lending nya.kame po mga co maker pinag open po nla kame ng check at kailangan po mbyaran po un ng bayaw ko pra hindi tumalbog.kaso po hindi po nkakabyad ung bayaw ko kya tumalbog n po ung check.ako po ngaun ang hinahabol nila.ako daw po ssampahan nila ng kaso .makukulong po b ako?anu po pwede ko gawin?may laban po b ako plis help po tnx

  • Abe F.

    Hi. Last week i received an email from my bank that they will push through with the bp 22 case against me. I availed of a personal loan and i signed checks. However a few months after good payment i got pregnant and eventually i was not able to fund my checks. I had no salary during the span of my pregnancy leave and i am a single mom. I can’t also work during that time due to threatened miscarriage and that my OB-gyn adviced me for a complete bed rest. I really had no other resources to fund my checks apart from my salary. As of now im undergoing a retraining and refresher course to qualify again to work in our company so i still have no capacity to pay for about 3 months. Please enlighten me. Im so depressed.

  • jon

    A person borrowed P100,000 and gave me a post dated check. When that check became viable the borrower asked me not to chash it, that he would issue another with a a latter date. That check was written on an account that was closed sometime before the on the second check. Our hand-written agreement contains the number of the first check. Does this mean that the first element
    Postdating or issuance of a check in payment of an obligation contracted at the time the check was issued
    isn’t satisfied, and I’ve been swindled with no recourse?

  • malou

    Good morning sir nagkaron po ako ng case from lending nakabayad po ako ng tatlong tseke Bali anim yun diko pa po nahulugan ang 3 tseke ng close account na po kasi until Nov lang dapat ang payment KO nagkaron po ng problem ang husbund ko na ofw sa salary nya kakasuhan daw po ako ng estafa.. Need KO po advice nyo sir makakasuhan ba ako agad

  • MAIA

    Good Day po sir, 2013 po ng may nagpahiram sa kaibigan ng pera at nakahiram ako doon. Nabayaran ko nman agad. Paglipas ng buwan o taon bigla dumating ang nahiraman nya at tinanong kung bayad na ako sa nautang ko at pinaggawa ako ng sulat ng bayad na talaga ako. Pagkalipas ng ilang buwan bumalik uli ito at nagpapirma ng isang kasulatan. sabi po ng nahiraman niya ay nagkausap na po sila ng friend ko kaya naman po pinirmahan ko n lang po ng hindi man lang binasa. Ngayon po 2017 ay nagfile ng estafa at bp22sa kanya. Ask ko lang po yun po bang pinirmahan ko na papel ang magdidiin po sa kanya ng kaso.
    Ilang araw ko na rin po to iniisip at nag aalala. Natatakot po ako na makulong sya .. Salamat po..
    Maraming Salamt po

  • allysa

    Goof fay atty. meron din po ako case sa loan ko sa banko nag issue po sila ng PDC kaya lang po nawealn ako ng work tapos nabenta ko rin po yung kiniha kong bahay sa pag ibi kaya di ko na po natatanggap mga demnd letter nila. sa nayon po may work na ako kaya lang minimum wage earner lang po at under agency< May pumunta daw po pulis at sa co. ko at hinahanap po ako may warrantof arrest po ako estafa daw at bouncing check ano po gagawin ko pls i need your advice gusto ko na po masettle yung utang ko sa banko pero di ko kaya yung mga int at yung one time perment.. pls need your help & advice atty James. Thanks po and God bless

  • Ritchell

    Hello atty good day I would like to ask some advise I borrowed an amount of 400k to one person and I give interest of 6percntper month for 2years and issued check with an open date but unfortunately my business was down but I already paid him 130k for the principal amount Everytime I made payment for him he received it with signature,until such time he wanted me to pursue a case of estafa and he blackmail me what will I do atty pls help me tnx

  • Ritchell

    Good day PO atty maghingi PO Dana ako ng legal advise I borrowed money from a Bombay amounting 300k with an interest of 10percent per month payables within 60days I issued check per week as payment I already paid the half of my loan until such time d n ako nkbyad s pghram ko Kasi ng Pera s Kenya nagcolateral ako ng title s Kanya but the title ng Lupa HND p PO naitransfer s name ko Sahil Ang lupang in ay pamana PO s akin ng auntie ko pero gumawA PO ng extra judicial settlement Ang kapatid ng auntie ko Sahil walang Asawa at anak Ang auntie ko kaya CLA nlng Ang gumawA at iyon ay ibinigay ko PO s Bombay kasabay ng post dated check nnaiisue ko at s pghram ko PO ng Pera may pinirmahan PO xa s akin na deed of sale atty pwd ko p bang mabawi UNG title na binigay ko SA Bombay Sahil PO nkbyad mmm ako ng almost 150k PO Dana PO matulungan nio PO ako at ano PO UNG gagawin ko TNX po

  • Jay

    Hi Atty.

    Need your advise. I havean existing bank loan yo be paid for 36 monyhs through PDCs and like many I loss my job (and a LOT of unfortunate events which led me to financial crisis)

    questions so far.

    I’ve moved address which means I do not receive nor sign thr dishonor letter. Can they still file the BP 22 case without the proof that I received the demand letter.

    The only way for me to be able to pay is when I’m already working overseas . Pero concern lang ako baka magka prob ako sa NBI clearance in the near future.

    And Atty. I’m not trying to escape, yes hindi ko na po sinasagot mga tawag nila and I change my number kasi kahit makausap ko sila walang wala po talaga ko.

    Hope you can enligten me, I know that intentionally avoiding the demand letter is wrong and I dont know how long I can do it. I just dont have any other choice at the moment.

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