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Who can Get an Insurance

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Who can Get an Insurance

Who can get an insurance?

As a general rule, only those having the capacity to enter into contract may get an insurance.

Is the wife required to obtain the consent of the husband if she wants to insure her life or that of her children.

The consent of the husband is not necessary for the validity of an insurance policy taken out by a married woman on her life or that of her children.

Can a minor get an insurance?

Under Section 3 of the Insurance Code, a “minor” above 18 years of age may enter into an insurance contract, but his right to choose his beneficiary is limited to his estate, his parents, his spouse, child, brother or sister. This provision of the Insurance Code has become obsolete with the passage of R.A. 6809 providing for the age of majority to start at the age of 18. Therefore, only those who are 18 years of age or above can obtain an insurance. A minor or someone less than 18 cannot enter into a contract of insurance.

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