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Pacquiao Sues “Wow Magic Sing” Executives

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Pacquiao Sues “Wow Magic Sing” Executives

Top officials of Philippine companies accused of utilizing the name and image of Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao to sell karaoke microphones are to stand trial for violation of intellectual property after the Court of Appeals affirmed the ruling of a lower court in Manila and denied defendant Andres Sanchez’s petition to dismiss the lawsuit.

Pacquiao seeks court action to stop Sanchez’s G2K Corp. and In-A-Jiffy Enterprises, owned by the defendant’s daughter Maria Cristina Sanchez, from using his “name, image and goodwill” to sell their “Wow Magic Sing” karaoke microphones a competitor of “Extreme Magic Sing” which Pacquiao endorses.

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  • PRO-MIGRANET says:

    Pacquiao is a great person and a good fighter, he’s worthy of what he achieve right now. I would vote for him if he would run as a senator or any position he wanted to.

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