Declaration of Nullity of Marriage

This procedure is normally overshadowed by the popularity of annulment of marriage. Some even confuse the two procedures as the same.

What is Declaration of Nullity of Marriage?

Declaration of nullity is a decree from the Court wherein a marriage is declared void or not valid from the beginning.

What is the difference between Declaration of Nullity of Marriage and Annulment of Marriage?

Declaration of Nullity covers void marriages while annulment deals only with voidable marriages. A void marriage means it does not exist from the start or its inception while a voidable marriage means that the marriage is valid until terminated by the court.

What are the grounds for the declaration of Nullity of Marriage?

The grounds can be found in several provisions of the Family Code. These are Articles 4, 35, 36, 37, 38, 40, 41, 44 and 53 in relation to Article 52 of the Family Code.

What does Article 4 of the Family Code say?

This article says that the absence of any of the essential or formal requisites of marriage shall render such marriage void from the start, except as stated in Article 35 (2).

What does Article 35 of the Family Code say?

This article enumerates marriages considered void from the beginning, these are:

1.    Those contracted by any party below 18 even with the consent of parents or guardians.

2.    Those solemnized by any person not legally authorized to perform marriages unless such marriages were contracted with either or both parties believing in good faith that the solemnizing officer had the legal authority to do so.

3.    Marriages solemnized without a license, except those marriages exempt from license.

4.    Bigamous or polygamous marriages except in cases of valid bigamous marriage under Article 41.

5.    Those contracted through mistake of one contracting party as to the identity of the other.

6.    Subsequent marriages that are void under Article 53.

How about Article 36?

This article defines “psychological incapacity”. This article says that a marriage contracted by any party who, at the time of celebration, was psychologically incapacitated to comply with the essential marital obligations of marriage shall also be void even if such incapacity becomes manifest only after the celebration of marriage.

What does Article 37 of the Family Code say?

This article refers to incestuous marriages. It provides that marriages between

1.    Ascendants and descendants of any degree; and

2.    Between brothers and sisters, whether of full or half blood

Shall be void from the beginning, whether the relationship between the parties be legitimate or illegitimate

What does Article 38 provide?

This article enumerates the type of marriages that are void for reasons of public policy:

1.    Between collateral blood relatives, whether legitimate or illegitimate, up to the fourth civil degree

2.    Between step-parents and step-children

3.    Between parents-in-law and children-in-law

4.    Between the adopting parent and the adopted child

5.    Between the surviving spouse of the adopting parents and the adopted child

6.    Between the surviving spouse of the adopted child and the adopter

7.    Between an adopted child and a legitimate child of the adopter

8.    Between the adopted children of the same adopter

9.    Between parties where one, with the intent to marry the other killed that other person’s spouse or his or her own spouse.

What does Article 40 say?

It says that subsequent marriage without judicial declaration of nullity of the previous marriage is in itself void from the start. Thus even if your previous marriage is void, you cannot enter into a subsequent marriage without a prior court declaration that your marriage is void, if you do so without such court declaration, your next marriage will also be void.

How about Article 41?

It provides that a marriage contracted by any person during the subsistence of a previous marriage shall be null and void unless before the celebration of the subsequent marriage, the prior spouse had been absent for four consecutive years and the spouse present had a well-founded belief that the absent spouse was already dead.

What does Article 44 provide?

It says that if both spouses of the subsequent marriage acted in bad faith, said marriage shall be void from the start. This means that if only one spouse is in bad faith, the marriage shall still be valid since the law requires that both spouses be in bad faith in order for the marriage to be declared void.

What does Article 53 say regarding void marriage?

This article of the law says that if there is no compliance with the requirements of Article 52 of the Family Code, the subsequent marriage shall be null and void.

Is it possible that some of these grounds co-exist with the other?

Yes, it may happen. For example a person may claim that his or her marriage is void because consent was given not in the presence of the solemnizing officer but through the use of proxies and that the other party was psychologically incapacitated during the celebration of marriage.

Author: Atty. James Biron
Atty. James S. Biron is a corporate lawyer specializing in foreign investments, trade, mergers and acquisitions, planning and financing of projects and capital raising. Clients served include real estate, construction, energy, information technology, agriculture, education, medical and casino gaming companies.


  • venus

    i was married in Ca,and when you are married there you have to turn in your signed license to be register, well i didn’t turn mines in and to years later i was told to get a declaration of marriage, because they cannot except my license.

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  • marissa belocura

    hi sir/madam
    i’m marissa and nakatira po dito sa CA. may question lang po ako about sa problem namin…married po kasi ako dito sa america but seperated na po kami since 2006…so nag ka boyfriend na po ako and nakatira po sha sa philippines then umuwi po ako last march and nag karoon po ng kasalan pero before ko po ginawa un kinausap ko po ung ex husband ko and he said yes it’s okey…kaya tinuloy po namin ang kasal ng recent boyfriend ngayon po naka balik na po ako sa america and na filled ko na po ang divorce ko but it takes time like 6 month dito sa america bago ma final ang divorce…now my question po is valid po ba ung kasal ko sa philippines kahit nauna po ang kasal kesa sa divorce kasi plan ko na po petition ang recent boyfriend ko…natatakot lang po ako baka po ma question ako bakit nauna ang kasal kesa sa divorce so kung meron po sanang makakatulong and mabigyan po ako ng magandang advice..kung kailangan ko po ba mag file ng declaration of nullity para po ma clear ang kasal dyan sa philippines then kapag na receive ko po ung divorce ko is mag papakasal nalang po ulit kami ng recent boyfriend ko…di ko po alam ang gagawin please help me po…SALAMAT in advance 🙂

    • Atty. James Biron

      hi marissa,

      you entered into a second marriage while your first marriage is still subsisting. in this case, the law will treat it as a bigamous marriage. what is needed here is a petition for the declaration of the nullity of your second marriage on the basis of the valid and still existing first marriage.

      • marissa david

         hi Atty. James Biron,

        good day po…ask ko lang po kung pano mag file ng declaration of nullity kailangan ko po ba mag hired ng lawyer for that? and how much po kaya magagastos ko? and also atty: kailangan ko po ba hintayin ung divorce paper ko na dumating bago po namin i filed ung declaration of nullity? kasi on process na po ung divorce paper ko kaso po it takes 6 months bago po matapos…please atty: give me some advice salamat po…:)

        • Atty. James Biron

          hi marissa,

          yes you need a lawyer to do this for you. the price/cost will depend on the lawyer you will hire. regarding you question as to whether you should wait for the outcome of the divorce proceedings, well this depends on you. because whether you wait or not, your second marriage is already considered void under our laws.

          • aika

            .atty. last dec 2015 po may nakausap asawa ko registrar office sa qc sbi ok lang daw na pksal khit walang license sila na daw po bhala sa lahat den jan5 po kinsal kami beside qc cityhall nasa edad na daw po kami kaya khit walang consent 27 po ako at 36 asawa ko… den after 6months nakakuha nang mc ung asawa ko sa nso nagtataka ako bat may 2nd page at walang license naka lgay dun is article 34 at no means of trasportation which is not applicable to us db po at where not living for 5 yrs nagsama kami 2012 but nkapag abroad siya… paano po gagawin namin? Pwd po ba kami pakasal ulet? Pls help po:(

          • Atty. James Biron

            Hi Aika, email sent

          • aika

            .atty. last dec 2015 po may nakausap asawa ko registrar office sa qc sbi ok lang daw na pksal khit walang license sila na daw po bhala sa lahat den jan5 po kinsal kami beside qc cityhall nasa edad na daw po kami kaya khit walang consent 27 po ako at 36 asawa ko… den after 6months nakakuha nang mc ung asawa ko sa nso nagtataka ako bat may 2nd page at walang license naka lgay dun is article 34 at no means of trasportation which is not applicable to us db po at where not living for 5 yrs nagsama kami 2012 but nkapag abroad siya… paano po gagawin namin? Pwd po ba kami pakasal ulet? Pls help po:(

          • Atty. James Biron

            Hi Aika, email sent

    • Unknown

      Hi Marrissa. I know somebody ganyan na ganyan ang case niya. Ginawa niya nag file siya ng nullity of marriage..

  • marissa

    ok atty: THANK YOU PO…:)

  • Rizza

    Good Day Atty.,
    How to nullify the void bigamous marriage?  Is it possible for the affected party to re-marry in Phils to a foreign national even before the nullification of the bigamous marriage?

    • Atty. James Biron

      Good day Rizza,

      Get a lawyer to file a petition for the declaration of nullity in court. You cannot re-marry prior to the declaration of nullity of the bigamous marriage.

  • Rizza

    Hi Atty,
    Thanks for your advise, how long will be the process  & what would be the necessary requirements to prove that the early marriage is bigamous.  Is there a way to speed up the process?
    Thank  you & Godbless.

    • Atty. James Biron

      Hi Rizza,

      You’re welcome. It would take some time and there’s no definite time as to how long it would take. In order to speed it up, don’t ask for postponements 🙂

      You must show that there was a prior subsisting marriage when you entered into the second marriage. Produce all the documents to show proof of these marriages.

  • Wally

    Hello Atty,

    I was married at the age of 19 years old and made to change my birthdate and produce some fake birth certificates on that time.  However, after several months we were remarried again at the church using reference on our earlier civil marriage.

    Am I still possible to apply for the Nullity of Marriage since we were already separated for about about 5 years already.

    Hoping for your kind attention and advice.

    Thank you very much po!

    • Atty. James Biron

      Hello Wally. Please post your question at the Legal Forum. I will answer your question in that part of this website. Just look for “Civil Law” then look for “Persons and Family Relations,” click this and then “Post New Thread.” Thank you!


    Dear Atty. James Biron,
    Sir good morning, I was married  last January 2000, in a room of Manila City Hall. But we have no marriage license at that time sir, My question sir is; It is our married legal? Because I have a copy of our Marriage Contract sir and I found out that our MC was registered in Caloocan City and the Marriage License was issued in Imus, Cavite sir.
    I hope for your response sir…God Bless
    Truly Yours,

    • Atty. James Biron

      Dear Joseph,

      Please post your question at the Legal Forum. I will answer your question in that part of this website. Just look for “Civil Law” then look for “Persons and Family Relations,” click this and then “Post New Thread.” Thank you!


    Thank you for your response sir. More power to you..

    • Atty. James Biron

      I have not yet replied to your question. I merely provided you with the instruction on how and where to post your question. 🙂

      In case you didn’t notice the link, just follow this LINK and post your questions there. Thanks!

      • Mary jane bartolome

        Gud pm po….
        Ask q lng po 17po aq ng iksal nung 1995….tapos po nghiwalay din po kmi after one year….eh ngaum po after 18 years kumuha po aq ng cenomar at nkalgy po dun ay kasal po kmi….pano po kaya ang proseso ng pagpapanull and void at gano po ktgal ang proseso….tnx po


    Dear Atty. James Biron,
    Sir good morning, I was married  last January 2000, in a room of Manila City Hall. But we have no marriage license at that time sir, My question sir is; It is our married legal? Because I have a copy of our Marriage Contract sir and I found out that our MC was registered in Caloocan City and the Marriage License was issued in Imus, Cavite sir.
    I hope for your response sir…God Bless
    Truly Yours,

  • Atty. James Biron

    Dear Joseph,

    Good morning, please post your question at the forum, this is the link

    I will answer your question if you post there. Thank you.

  • Atty. James Biron

    Dear readers, if you have questions regarding declaration of nullity of marriage, please post these questions in the forum by following this link:


  • gemma

    hi po atty. after 4yrs. po ng kasal nmin saka q lng po nalaman n my una po pla ng pinakasalan ang husband ko. at cinabi ny alng po ito ng mg away kami wala po akong alam sa una nyang kasal. if ever po na maghabol ung unang aswa nya ano nmn po ang laban ko para d po aq madamay sa kaso? pls. giv me an advise tnx po

  • dulce amor reyes

    good day!
    i was married in June 14, 2004 at Quezon City… recently i was reading the family code and while i was going thru it i saw that one of the requirements in getting married is to have a marriage license and the requirements needed in applying for one. i never filed for a marriage license but in my marriage certificate a marriage license number appears in it and it states there that the license was released on the same day we were married. All i remember was when i was brought to Quezon City hall on the said date i was asked to fill up a blank form and then we were led to another building outside QC hall and a solemnizing officer officiated our civil wedding. is my marriage considered void? since we did not follow the normal procedure in getting a marriage license (none of those requirements for marriage license were submitted). i hope u can advice and help me with this matter… thanks.

  • Sam

    Atty, good evening, how long does it take when applying for declaration of nullity of marriage? Thank you very much.

    • Atty. James Biron

      Hi Sam, please post your question at the forum section of this website. I will answer your question once you post it there. The instruction is indicated in the note below.

  • Atty, good day, I am an OFW and working abroad for 8 years now. My wife is seeking to end up our marriage because he is sick and tired with our relationship. His ground was that our marriage is fake and not valid because she was below 18 at the time our marriage celebration was made. She has a boyfriend she choose to live-in since year 2004 and they are living until now. But i did not fail to support my kids until now since that is my own obligation.
    What are the legal grounds i should file to annul our marriage?

  • Desiree

    Dear Atty Biron,

    I am new to your site and it happened that i was searching for possibility of declaration of nullity of marriage. 

    I have been married sometime last March 1995, and since then in good faith believes that i marry the right man.  One day i realized that the man i marry did not declare his birth name instead use other name for me in our marriage. Why i knew his real name? because his cousin ask me about him using other name.  And i asked her who is that person your naming to me? And then she said, dont you know the name of your husband? So i did not question more instead i just say ok…he is ok.   Even before our marriage my ex-husband has already been making problems to me.  Never stop womanizing and cheating me as well.  He doesnt care support the kids.  Even when i was pregnant with our 3rd baby he did not care bring me to hospital knowing that i will deliver on caesarian delivery.  I went to hospital by myself and thanks God was able to deliver my 3rd baby successfully thought caesarian.  We have 3 kids and he doesnt care give support to the kids.  Atty.  I want to get rid of his name in me.  What will i do? Do i have to get annulment or Just declaration of nullity of marriage since my ex-husband uses other name in our marriage.  We were marriage in civil and church.  I went to a lawyer for my desire to get annulment.  I told my lawyer about the story of our marriage and even told the lawyer my ex-husband did not use his birth namein our marriage.  The lawyer sort our the problem by getting certificate of no marriage fron NSO and he was able to get and shows there that birth name has no previous marriage.  But how come he did not use his birth name?  So the lawyer tried to get live birth certificate from NSO again for the name he use to me in our marriage and he was able to get the document filed only last 2007.  The records shows falls declaration of his identity and even his birth place.  What shall i do in order to obtain my freedom.  I am confused.  Please give me enlightenment and guide me what to do. 

    Thank you so much for whatever enlightenment you can accord to my confusion.

    Very truly yours,


  • ma.kian reyes

    hi atty. regarding with the problem of my friend. she was a victim of an immitation marriage with a Japanese. Dahil sa mga magagandang sinasabi ng japanese na nagpakasal sa kanya before, pumayag siya, pero hindi niya alam na everymonth kailngan pala siya magbayad sa Japanese.. parang nadala siya sa tamis ng mga sinasabi ng hapon, on the second hand hindi siya ganun karunong umintindi ng nihonggo before kasi. ngayon dineclare ng court sa japan na null and void ang kasal nila. binigyan sila ng papers na nakalagay DELETION of marriage ang sabi din ng atty niya sa japan, null and void nga daw. Atty, sana po masagot nyo po problema ng friend ko, kasi depressed na siya if wat ba gagawin niya, marami kasi nagsasabi na kailngan pa daw iannul at 200,000 ang kailngan ibayad, wala naman po siya pambayad dahil wala naman po siya pera and isa pa dineport po kasi siya… thank you po and wait na lng po kami sa respnse nyo… salamat po atty.

  • Nicole

    Good day Atty. Biron..  I found out that the guy I married has been legally married for 6 years now.. He told me that he doesn’t know about his first marriage which was just arranged by her first wife.. I confronted her first wife and she testified that she was the  only one who arranged everything.. I checked my husband’s CENOMAR and it showed that they are married in San Juan, Metro Manila yet they’re both living in Tondo.  According to her first wife, it was arranged by a fixer.  They have no marriage license, both of them still needed parental consent then. Are these enough to file for Nullity of Marriage?? what should be the first thing they have to do? Thank you so much and God bless..

  • dei g.

    hi atty biron, i’ve read your posts.. just wanted to ask for declaration of nullity of marriage, are there cases that are not approved? i was married  last 1994 but the person i married falsified his age because he was only 17 that time. i have bc to prove it. do i need anything else? we’ve been separated for 13 years already, i just wanted my surname to be changed back to my maiden and my status cleared. do i have a good chance to win this?

  • marie

    atty.tanung ko lang po kung anu po dapat gawin sa sinomar ko kasi po kasal kami ng dating asawa ko pero po di nman po ako ung unang pinakasalan nya nag tanung din po ako sa mga atty. non and void daw po ang kasal nmin pero sa sinomar po registered po sa NSO gusto ko po sana malinis ang name ko sa nso kasi po gusto na po nmin magpakasal ng bf ko ngaun anu po ba ang dapat gawin.

  • marie

    null and void*

  • ms. pendelton

    hi atty,

    my boyfriend was married to another girl. I knew that even from the start. Nagpakasal daw sila sa tulong ng mga friends nung girl. Iniwan po siya nung girl, at nalaman na hindi naman mayaman ang boyfriend ko (pero kaya nmn bumuhay), ginawa po ng boyfriend ko lahat para makipagbalikan siya sa girl pero, ayaw na ng girl hanggang makilala ko siya. At ngayon po, nananakot pa yun babae at iniinsist yun boyfriend ko na ipaannul yun kasal nila. Ngayon kasal naman na yun girl sa ibang lalaki at may anak na sila. Tinatakot pa kami ng girl na balang araw daw may makukuha siya sa boyfriend ko. Hindi po pala sila nagtagal at ilang buwan lang iniwan na yun boyfriend ko nung girl after nila magpakasal. null and void po ba yun marriage nila? pede po bang kasuhan ng boyfriend ko yun girl ng bigamy? at totoo po ba na may makuha pa siya sa boyfirnd ko in the future? thanks po.     

  • Annica Ang

    Hi atty. I was wondering what we can do regarding an annulment that my mom is going through right now. My dad asked my mom not appear in the hearings so that the annulment won’t be long. Our properties are named after us. Will we lose it if ever the annulment ends? My dad defense is that my mom has second family it’s true I have half sister with my mom and my dad as well has a child with another woman. And to add to that I have documentation of abuse when I was 15 (physical) After I left my father’s house He hasn’t supported us financially. I asked some atty. regarding this I’m already 19 and my sister is 18. Can we use this so that we would win or demand something from my father? Thank you.

  • Ako po si Dan Anthony , from Makati po… question po ,  kung 21 years na po bang hindi makasama ang mag asawa, pwede na po bang mag file ng nullity of marraige?

  • Kristina Cruz

    To the Family Lawyer,

    Magandang araw po sa inyo. NAis ko po sanang ilapit sa inyo ang sitwasyon ko. Balak ko po kasi magpakasal sa Pilipinas ngayong December kaso lang po may record po ako sa NSO as married.

    Pero sa totoo lang po nalaman ko sa canadian immigration mula pa nung 2007, null and void po yung kasal ko kaya considred lang po kami na common-law partners nung naging asawa ko. matagal na po kaming hiwaly at may pruweba po ako galing sa Canadian Immigration na walang bisa yung naging kasal namin. 

    Base po kasi sa mga nababasa ko tungkol sa invalid marriage, kailangan munang i declare ang nullity nito bago ako pwedeng magpaksal ulit. Gusto ko po sanang malaman kung kailangan pa rin ng declaration kahit na Canadian citizen nako at nakapag legal change of name nako.

    Sana po ay matulungan nyo ako tungkol dito. Naghahanap po kasi ako ng mas mabilis at hindi magastos na paraan dahil wala naman po akong gaanong budget para gumastos ng malaki.

    hihintayin ko po ang sagot ninyo.

    Maraming salamat po at God bless po.

    Lubos na gumagalang,
    Kristina Cruz

  • jen salveron

    Good day!

    I got married 2009 and I was only 21 that time. My ex was 24 yrs old then and we didn’t inform our families about the marriage. We only signed an affidavit that we were living together for 5 years so that we won’t have to undergo the normal process. But it’s not true that we lived together for 5 years. Coz if backtracked, I am only 16 years old and we don’t know each other that time yet. After the marriage, my ex went to Manila until we decided to part ways. In other words, we still didn’t live together even after the marriage. I want to inquire for the grounds that can be used for my case. Should I file for absolute nullity of marriage? or annulment? Under what grounds? I need serious enlightenment.

    Thanks in advance.

  • broken hearted

    Hi how can I file for nullity? I cannot obtain a copy of my husband’s first marriage and he doesn’t want to cooperate.  i asked him several times of the full date of his first marriage.  Is there a way to get a copy by just name and last name?

  • glenda1987

    good day po, ask lang po ako. nag pakasal po kami ng  asawa ko americano, pero dati po kasal po siya sa pinay makalipas po ng taon ng  makarating na po yung dati niyang asawa sa america nag file po ng decleration of nullity of marrige sa california.  at nang pumunta po siya dito  sa pinas nag pakasal po kami ng americano tanung ko po  valid po ba yung kasal namin?

  • marge

    hi im marge kinasal po ako sa huwes 17 yrs old d po ako kasama sa pagkuha ng lisensya basta pumunta na lng ako nung day ng kasal then hiningian kami ng both parent consent eh ayaw po ng tatay ko kaya pineke ng husband ko ung pirma ng tatay po puedepo bang mapatunayang null and void ung kasal ko at paano

  • elle_beck

    hi atty, 

    How would i file declaration of nullity? i got married 2000 not knowing that the man i married was already married to someone else. we never lived together because he was based in manila and i was in cebu. how long would the process be? and what kind of papers do i have to process.

  • my friend is married, she found out that her husband’s family name is not the legal one. can she use this as a ground for declaration of nullity of marriage?

    • Atty. James Biron

      Hi Leni, please tell your friend to post her question at the forum section of the website. I will answer her question once I see it there.

  • sarah

    Hi atty! I have a query po, in june 28, 2012 I got married sa manila city hall. I reside in london while my partner is a seafarer but still resides in the Philippines. We are both from Tarlac city. Date of birth is June 30, 1986, at the time of marriage (June 28, 2012) is 2 days and 26y/o napo kami pareho, we got married without any parental consent.

    He acquired our marriage license, etc by hiring a “fixer” who has an office in Manila city hall. The marriage was ready nung pagdating ko po ng pinas, I only needed to sign the papers. pero yung mga dates po I was not in the Philippines, I dont know if that makes any sense. And though held at manila city hall, registered po sa san juan yung kasal, it was claimed that I reside in manila and sya sa san juan naman po. 2 weeks after the wedding, bumalik na po ako ng london, both our families were unaware of this marriage and never po kami nag sama.

    Immediately after the marriage, ngkaron po kami ng conflicts regarding financial issues. Nag loan po sya without my consent, never po pala ako nakatanggap even a single centavo as a support from him and never kami nag live in.

    Just wondering po if we can file for nullity of marriage dahil sa pag fake lang ng marriage license etc? although nag sign po kami sa papers but obtained through fraud po lahat? Thank you!!!

  • about mutual aggreement divorce is it recognized in philippine,if not what petition should i file to end up my marriage to my japanese husband?

  • Bem

    Hi Atty Biron! I was married in 1991 and was separated (not legally) in 2009 because of a lot of marital problems. First of all, my husband has a very bad drinking problem which he already had since before our marriage. But I didn’t even know back then that he could also be violent towards me and my kids when he got drunk. I stayed with him inspite of that, hoping for a change, but it only got worse. I finally decided to separate from him in 2009 when he ran after my son with a knife in his hand. Would it be possible for our marriage to be declared void due to psychological incapacity? Also, I have a boyfriend now who is also the one helping me with my kids in all aspects. Would that have any effect if I filed for nullity of marriage against my husband?
    Hope to get an answer soon. Thanks.

  • Elsie

    pwede po ba akong mag file ng annulment under
    “This article defines “psychological incapacity”. This article says that a marriage contracted by any party who, at the time of celebration, was psychologically incapacitated to comply with the essential marital obligations of marriage shall also be void even if such incapacity becomes manifest only after the celebration of marriage.”
    Pano po masasabing qualified yun petition ko under this article?

  • Jenny

    Good evening Atty,
    Ask ko lang po na granted po yung annulment ko nug Feb 2013. Na registered ko na po nung May 2013 sa Pasig LCR at Manila Office of Civil Registrar. Sabi po sa manila tawag po ako after 3 weeks.
    Atty sa last paragraph ng Decison ko may naka sulat po na “upon Entry of Judgement of the Appelate Court, the Court motion shall proceed with petitioner’s prayer for custody and support of the parties”
    Ibig sabihin po atty pag nakapag register na po ako sa LCR Pasig at CR Manila eh kailangan ko po ulit mag file motion for custody ng bata? Para makakuha po ako ng Certificate of Finality at Court Decree of Annulment/Declaration of Nullity of Marriage?
    Kasi po nakatira po ngayon ang anak ko sa magulang ng ex ko. Pero di nakatira yung ex ko dun. Sila po kasi ang nag papa aral at malapit sa school nya.
    Kung mag file po ako ng Joint custody dapat po ba may lawyer din yung ex ko, at kailangan po ba sya mag appeal sa korte? Pa anu po kung di sya mag appeal anu po mangyayari?
    Or pwede po ba pumili yung bata? 16 years old po sya.
    Atty pls advice po kung anu po pwede gawin. Kasi po gusto ko rin makakuha ng Certificate Finality at Decree of Annulment.
    Yung lawyer ko po kasi di ko po maintindihan pag nag eexplain sya. Pwede rin po ba lumipat ng lawyer?
    Pls Atty bigyan nyo po sana ako ng advice.
    Thank you po Atty,

  • Len

    Good eveing po Atty., 
    San po matulungan nyo ako sa situation ko. 30yrs old na po aq now at nasa akin ang anak namin na 10 yrs old na. Nagfile po kmi ng ex ko ng marriage contract non 19yrs old ako at 21 nmn un ex ko. bale 1 yr old ang anak namin non. Inasikaso po sa Taguig municipality un mga papers kc don nagwowork ang lolo ng ex ko. nagsign nmn po ang lola ko (kase wla na po ako parents) un lolo naman nya ang nag sign sa kanya. so bale pinababalik po kami ng Nov. 25,2003 para sa kasal po namin sa mayor daw po. Bumalik naman po kami ng ex ko sa ganon araw naka bihis pa nga po kami ng at least semi formal. pero nasa labas pa po kami ng municipal non nang binigay ng lolo nya un MARRIAGE CONTRACT namin. (that day nov. 25, 2003) nakalagay po don kasal na kami ng isang REV.(the name is in the marriage contract) tapos may ninong at ninang pa (as saksi) kase daw po busy c Mayor non araw na yon. So di na po kami tumuloy sa munisipyo thats day. Kase OK na daw. sila na daw bahala sabi ng lolo ng ex ko. kaya po umuwi na lang kami non kase walang kasalan na nagyari at walang ceremony. Ginamit lang po namin un contract na un para sa Birthcertificate ng anak namin. Pero after few months naghiwalay din po kami. 2004 un. Tapos now kumuha ako ng cenomar. 2013 of May nakaregister po yung kasal namin. Pero un birth certificate ng anak namin sa name ko pa rin. di nabago. which is saved un anak namin. Pero un sakin hindi..Pwede po ba nyo ako matulungan na ifile un nullity of marriage ko? kc wala nmn po naganap na ceremony or kasalan. bale pa reready lang po ng papers un ginawa namin. sana po makatulong agad kayo sakin. thanks po at God bless.

  • Carmz

    hello po attorney,
    My marriage was null an void because he has his first marriage with other woman, ang gusto ko lang ay gamitin muli yong apelyedo para yon ang gagamitin ko sa mga insurances ko like SSS, GSIS at marami pang iba natatakot po kasi ako na pag may mangyari sa akin, sa husband ko mapupunta lahat at hindi sa children ko.Please po paki advise po ako on wht is the best things to do.
    I’ll be very happy to hear your advise

  • mariah

    good evening po atty. nag pakasal po ako sa bf ko kahit dipa po na aanull ung firts marriage ko, sa ngayun po on going na ang annulment ko sa firts husband ko, ask ko lang po kung kay langan ko a ipa nullify ung 2nd marriage ko, kahit na pakakasal pa din kami ng 2nd husband ko para maiayos po documents ko  for spousal visa? o pwede na po kami pakasal ng ng 2nd huband ko agad agad kahit na di ipa annul ung void marriage namin?

  • Joyce

    Dear Atty. Biron,
    Good day!
    I had a 2nd marriage nung d pa na annul ung 1st marriage ko. Thought at that time na fake marriage coz no ML  (but under Art 34 daw ung kasal coz may 9-month old na anak na kami that time) and no questions asked, basta nlng kinasal kami nung reverend. I was shocked na bigla nya kong dinala sa Manila city hall and it looked shady, kaya pumayag na rin ako. But thinking that it was never a valid marriage, our 2 kids bear my maiden lastname and not my 2nd husband’s. Ang masakit na part was that he left us 8 months after the marriage and never heard from him. I finally got my first marriage annulled and already got it annotated from NSO this April 2013. I was surprised to see the 2nd marriage registered and listed in my Certificate of Marriage so, I am filing for Declaration of Nullity (of Bigamous Marriage). How long po kaya yung ganitong case matatapos? Natatakot po ako of the outcome, baka i-deny ng judge (sana naman hindi) kasi nga I was first married when I entered into this marriage. Now that my first marriage got annulled, ano na po pala yung civil status ko? Do I need to change my gov’t-issued IDs like SSS, passport or NBI? I am confused. Also hoping that you can give any thought about my 2nd marriage.
    Thank you and Best Regards,

  • Rhey

    Declaration of Nullity of Marriage – Respondent… do i need to respond?

  • Kc

    Hi Atty.,
    I have a concern about Declaration of Nullity of a Bigamous Marriage. Nag pakasal po kami sa UAE nung husband ko. But then naghiwalay din kami after 3 yrs. I was asking him for annulment, pero ayaw niya, kaya pala ayaw niya. Kasi malalaman ko na may previous maariage na siya sa Pilipinas. Lumapit na po ako sa Atty. and she told me that they found out 2 marriage of my ex husband. How long it will take the process of the case at ano ang magiging participation naming dalawa sa kaso. Please advice po. Thank you.

  • kc

    Hello po atty jame      matagal na po ako devorce sa  exhusband  ko  hapon  may asawa anak na sya ngaun at kasal na din sila ang problema po bkit yun kumuha ako ng cenomar sa pinas valid pa din ang kasal ko pero po dito sa japan legal na po ako devorce at ang name ko  cmula na devorce kami balik na sa apelyido ko sa pagkadalaga paano ko poba  mapapawalang bisa na yun kasal ko sa pinas.hope me ibang makabasa matulungan nyo din sana ako sa problema ko 

  • Charmaine benavidez

    Atty. sana po mtulung

    • Joana rivera

      Atyy. Good day po sana po mtulungn nyo po ako kinasal po ako ng 2004 nag pakasal po kmi ng aswa ng kming dlwa lang po sa civil ng kmi lang pong dalawa wla po kming mga mgulang na ksama although napa pirma ko mgulang ko para mksal kmi dala po ng katigasan ng ulo ang idad ko po nun ay 24yrs old lng po sya po ay 27 sa pagkktanda ko nagpaksal po kmi may plano po sya mag abroad kya ok na po na maksal kmi ng nka byahe na po sya 2004, bali d po namin tlga na enjoy ang marriage nmin wla po kming anak ng umalis po sya naiwan po ako sa probinsya nila ksama po mga mgulang nya nga lng po ng nkapag abroad na sya nging malabo na po lahat nagkaroon po sya ng babae sa ibang bansa pnilit ko po ma save marriage nmin peo ayw na nya kaya naman po nag decide ako umuwe sa amin para gawa ng sriling buhay kahit msakit at mhirap gang sa nagkaroon po ako ng ka relasyon ngayon po me anak na kmi 5 yrs. old na po pero gusto ko po mkasal anu po ba dapat kong gawen gsto ko po mksal kmi para din po sa anak nmin slamat po ng marami sana po mtulungn nyo po ako.

      • Atty. James Biron

        Joana, I sent you an email. Please check it.

        • Elyn

          Hi atty biron. Good day po ask ko lng po sana kng pano gagawin ko. Kinasal po kc kmi ng ex ko 2009 and i was 19yrs old at cya nmn 22 dahil nabuntis po ako. Wla png 1yr nun ngsasama kmi nalaman ko nlng n my relasyon pla cla ng bestfriend nya kaya pla wla kaming bonding sa isat1. Nun ngwowork po cya wla po aq natatanggap ni piso mula s knya kaya nun 1yr 8mos n po anak nmin ngpasya aqng umabroad pra po matustusan panga2ilangan ng pamilya ko at ng anak ko lagi po aq ngpapadala s knya at nun malapit n po aqng umiwi nakonfirm ko n dn n tlgang my relasyon cla kc ngpunta cla boracay ng cla lng dalawa at daming photos n sweet cla.after a month umalis po ulit aq at dn kinaya bumalik po aq sa abroad den nalaman ko n pgkaalis ko liv in n cla ng bestfrend nya gang naun. Nanahimik po aq ilang yrs. naun po ngaswa aq ulit pero d kmi makasal dhl kasal p aq s knya at buntis po aq naun. Ano po b dpt kong gawin pra mawalan ng bisa kasal nmin bukod sa wla po aqng sapat na pera para sa annulment. Pde po ba ung declaration of nullity of marriage? Pls po need advice. Tnx po

  • Kate

    Good evening atty. nabasa ko po yun forum nyo at nakita kong sumasagot pa din kayo sa mga recent posts. Nag babalak po kasi akong mag apply ng declaration of nullity, nakapag search nako ng difference between annulment and nullity, and I found out that my case falls in Nullity. 2009, Age 18 po ako, at 19 ung husband ko, without his parents approval. We signed the papers in manila city hall. We didnt have any proper procedure for marriage, even attended the seminar. Nagbayad lang kami talaga sa kakilala namin para ayusin lahat at mairehistro kaming kasal na nangyari naman. Ngayon hiwalay na po kami for 3years and we agreed to end it up legally. Ang tanong ko po ay: kung magfa file kami directly sa manila city hall ng declaration of nullity, mga magkano po kaya ang babayaran namin? Any estimated idea? I heard that it would be cheaper. My husband and i are both overseas right now, magkaibang bansa, so mejo mabagal talaga ang paghahanap namin ng info about sa declaration of nullity pati makausap sana kahit sino sa manila cityhall. May nagsabi samin na 60k php, how possible is that? Edi sana matagal na kaming hiwalay ng asawa ko kung ganon lang pla. Pls explain, and tips for me. any unclear part on this msg pls let me know. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks po!

  • lei

    Atty.pls send on my email ur number on how i can contact u snd ask for ur help….i wanted to apply for nullity of my marriage in which my ex husband had an existing marriage before me…pls ASAP lang po.thanks

  • JULY

    Good Evening po Atty.

    An dami ko po kasing tanong and nakita ko lang ung forum nyo na may mga recent answered so I decided na magcomment din. May BF po ako for almost 11 years and nalaman ko na ikinasal sya (shotgun wedding) kasi nagkaron sila ng kasunduan nung girl na magaanak sila dahil hindi pa ako ready magkapamilya that time pero walang any attachment involve silang dalawa pumayag naman si girl, in short nabuntis si girl at sinabi nya agad sa BF ko na kelangan nilang ikasal that day kahit na papaalis na ung BF ko para mangibang bansa at alam nya din na may long time girlfriend ang boyfriend ko. Sinusustentuhan ng BF ko ung anak nila at nagsabi na sya sa asawa nyang gusto nya magpa annul pero ayaw nya pumayag. Nakita ko kasi na pedeng mag fall ung kasal nila sa nullity of wedding kasi naprocess ang kasal nila ng isang araw lang kahit kulang-kulang ang requirement nila ay ikinasal sya dahil kaibigan ng pamilya nung babae ung nagkasal, basta pinapirma lang ung BF ko sa CENOMAR nila.

    Atty sana matulungan nyo po kami kasi balak na naming tlg ipawalang bisa ang kasal nila pero sabi samin nung girl, d sya papaya. Gaano po ba katagal at magkano po ang posibleng gastusin naming sa pagpapa nullity ng wedding? Ano-ano po ba ang requirements na dapat naming ihanda para maging matibay ang ebidensya naming?

    Lubos po akong umaasa sa mabilis ninyong pagtugon. Maraming salamt po.

  • jobert

    Hi Sir, tanong ko lang po kung pano ko hihiwalayan ung asawa ko pero gusto ko po mapunta sakin ang anak namin. kinasal po kami 2006 pro nasa abroad po ako,2009 po kami ngkaanak, nalaman ko po last 2010 na ngkaron sya ng relasyon sa ibang lalaki at ngkaanak pa sila,nakiusap lang sya sakin na huwag nalang sabihin muna sa magulang ko dahil nahihiya sya, kaya mula noon nghiwalay na kmi at ngbibigay nalang ako ng sustento sa anak namin. pero nung umuwi po ako para magbakasyon, nakita ko ung anak ko na sobrang payat at pakiramdam ko po ay d napupunta sa kanya ang pinapadala kong pera, ngaun po ay may gf na ako dito sa singapore at gusto ko po sya pakasalan, ano po ang maipapayo nyo sakin para mahiwalayan ko na sya at makuha ko ang anak ko, hin di ko nmn sya tatanggalan ng karapatan makasama paminsan ang bata at pwede po bang magpirmahan nalang kami na wala na kami pkialam sa isat isa, ngaun po ay nasa hongkong sya ngtatrabaho, at ung anak ko ay nasa magulang nya, nararamdaman ko nnmn po na di napupunta ang pera na para sa anak ko. sana po ay matulungan nyo po ako, salamat

  • che

    gupm! atty.ask ko lang po kung pano ko po malilinis ung pangalan ko kc po after 1 year n pagssama mamen ng dati kong asawa natuklasan ko pong meron po siyang asawa n legal at hiwalay na po ako sa asawa ko 5 years na gusto ko pong mag pakasal muli kaso po meron pong record sa NSO pano po maibabalik sa apelido ko po sa pagkadalga ung name ko po……thanks po!

  • Ana

    Good afternoon atty. Bka po pwd nyo kming matulungan kung ano ano ang requirements para s nullity of wedding lalo na kung ang nagyaring kasalan ay one day process lang at kakilala kasi ila ung nagkasal kaya nagawan nila ng paraan kahit kulang ung mga dokumento nila. Anu anu poandapat naming ihanda para maging matibay ang isasampa naming nullityof wedding? Gaano po katagal ang paghihintay ng resulta at gano po kalaki ang maaari naming gastusin.

    Maraming salamat po pa inyong magiging pagtugon.

    Lubos n umaasa,

  • dane

    gud afternoon atty. pwede po bang malaman kung paano ang implementation ng solo prentis? im a single parent po kc. sana po mabasa nyo ang message ko.thank u

  • Ann

    Hi atty! Ask ko lang situation ko if may marriage sa void..kasi nung time na kinasal ako im 16 years old and sa marriage contract ko dinaya year of birthday ko instead na 1985,1983 nkalagay para maging 18 ung age ko void po ba un.kc blak ko magpfile po dahil hiwalay n din kmi ng asawa ko.
    Hope you could help on this matter.thanks

    • Atty. James Biron

      Hi Ann, yes it is void since you have no legal capacity to contract marriage at the time the marriage was celebrated.

  • algos


    My wife and I got married last 2007. Hindi naging maganda ang pagsasama namin since then. Last year lang kami naghiwalay. Only recently I noticed on our marriage cetificate that she declared a different birth year compared to her birth certificate. Also her age (at the time of our marriage) reflect to the year she declare. Therefore, malinaw na sinadya nya yun. My question is can I file a declaration of nullity of marriage on the ground of psychological incapacity based on my evidence along with her compulsive lying and lack of respect? Also magiging malakas po kaya ang case? Thank you.

    • Atty. James Biron

      Algos, what were these instances of compulsive lying and lack of respect? and how did it affect your relationship?

      • algos

        Hello Sir, Kumuha po kasi sya ng bank loan, bimili ng lupa sa isang subdivision na nakapangalan sa kanya (in her maiden name kasi di naman niya ginamit ang surname ko) at kumuha pa sya ng educational plan ng anak namin. Lahat po ito ay hindi niya pina-alam sa akin kaya nagtataka ako kung saan napupunta ang perang pinapadala ko. Pwede naman niyang sabihin sa akin kasi maganda naman ang objectives pero later on nalaman ko na ang alam ng kamag-anak nya eh siya lang ang nagbabayad ng lahat ng ito at wala akong contribution dito. Lack of respect kasi simula pa lang ng marriage namin parang kinahihiya nya ako bilang asawa. For example, every time na may makakasalubong kaming friend or family member nya sa mall lagi nya akong pinapaalis at sinasabing “lumayo ka muna andito si _____”. I understand na ayaw sa akin ng family nya but I think it doesn’t have to be that way. And then, nalaman ko mismo sa kanya na sinabi nya sa family nya na last 2012 eh naghiwalay kami kahit ang totoo noon eh hindi naman. Sinabi pa nga raw ng mga kapatid nya na wag na raw siyang makipagbalikan sa akin. Malaki po ang influence ng mga kapatid nya sa mga decisions nya and it is definitely destroying our marriage. The truth is last year lang po kami naghiwalay when we had a very bad argument. I don’t think she’s fulfilling her duties as a wife. Ito po ang dahilan sa lying and lack of respect.

  • jhen

    Good day!

    Atty. Nais ko po ikonsulta sayo ang problema ko.Sana po matulungan nyo ako kahit sa konting advice lang.. Atty eto na po yung nangyari sa akin. Nung time na nanliligaw sa akin yung ex husband ko nasa Austria po sya. Sobrang bait po sya kaya po nagustuhan ko sya.. Pero sa kabila ng lahat naniwala po ako sa kanya na dati syang may asawa at ang sabi nya po sa akin na annualed na daw po yung una nyang asawa dto sa pinas..Hanggang sa dumating ang buwan na umuwi sya noon dito sa pinas para pakasalan daw po ako.. Year January 3,2012 dumating sya dito sa pinas. At sa kagustuhan nya po na pakasalan ako kinasal kami sa mabilis na panahon at nangyari po yun ay sa city hall January 16,2012 nung kinasal po kami.. Hanggang sa loob ng isang buwan na andito sa pinas nagsama kami sa bahay nya.. 1 month from january 3 until february3 2012. February 03 2012 eksaktong 1 month.. Bumalik na sya sa Austria kase tapos na daw ang bakasyon nya at ayaw daw nya magbyad ng extension days for vacation.. After that umalis na nga sya halos ako na lang mag isa nakatira sa bahay nya po. hanggang sa namalayan ko at napapansin ko halos ikulong nya ako sa bahay nya at kahit magkalayo kami sa isat isa gusto nya na momonitor pa din nya ako sa Fone sa camera skype and etc..Marami po dahilan kung bakit ako nakipaghiwalay sa kanya. dun ko nakita yung hindi na ako masaya sa pinakikita nya. Hanggang sa dumating ang June 2013, may isang pinsan ko at kapatid nya na nag utos sa akin na i check ko daw yung kasal namin sa NSO kung valid daw ba yun o hindi, kase may una nga daw yan pinaksalan. maraming nagtaka paano daw ako nakasal eh hindi pa naman daw annualed ang kasal nya sa una.. hanggang sa dumating ang point na hinihingi ko ang annualment papers nya at ipadala nya sa akin to proof na totoo ang sinasabi nya. nagtaka ako wala sya mapakita sa akin o maipadala.. Ang ginawa ko po pumunta ako ng NSO at kinuha ko ang CENOMAR nya.. Laking gulat ko ng makita ko dun dalawang babae ang nakalagay o naka registered sa cenomar nya. At ang sarili kong pangalan ay wala dun. Halos umiyak ako nun, kase more than 1 year po akong nag ppretend na asawa ko sya at asawa nya ako. Sa kagustuhan ko kinuha ko ang sarili ko CENOMAR, ang resulta po andun ang pangalan nya sa CENOMAR ko, Pero ang pangalan ko wala sa cenomar nya.. After the 6 months na kinasal kami nagtaka ako bakit ako nakakuha ng MARRIAGE CONTRACT from NSO. hanggang sa nagtanung ako po ang maraming nagsasabi po ay NUAL AND VOID daw po yung kasal namin from the very beginning kase may present pa syang asawa at bukod po dun may number2 wife pa.. Halos ang nakalagay dun po ay 2 babae ang pinakasalan nya dito sa pinas, at ako ay ang pangatlo na wala naman ako sa CENOMAR nya.. Atty please give me some advice po kung ano ang gagawin ko. gusto ko na po mabago ang apelyido ko sa mga ID-s ko. kase noon po lahat ng id’s ko pinapalitan ko na yan after the marriage. Atty paano ko po magagawan ng paraan ang lahat ng ito. Kung kelangan ko po ba dito ng lawyer.. How much po kaya sa processing na ito at gaano katagal po? Wala din po ako malaking halaga para sa mabilis na proseso? Annualment pa din po ba ito? Atty thanks so much po and best regards po.. Atty please help me what will i do? Thanks and God bless..

  • Good Day po Atty. unang tanong po, talaga po bang ang Public Attorney’s di po humahawak ng Annulment Case??, Pangalawa po, sa Private Sector po,magkano po ba ang Acceptance Fee o yung Package Deal po sa isang case kagaya ng saken po. Bigyan nyo lang po ako ng Idea magkano po aabutin. Ngayon pa lang po Maraming Thank You napo. Mahilig po ako magbasa ng mga Legal forum about Annulment Cases. Ayon po sa mga nababasa ko Petition for the Declaration of nullity of Marriage. A Bigamous Marriage ang Case ko. Kasal po ako sa isang American Nationality, kumuha lang po kami ng Legal Capacity for him to get Married sa US Embassy. Tapos po pumunta kami sa isang municipality kung saan ikinasal po kami agad. Kung nagtataka kayo kung bakit ganon kabilis ay dahil po Dati na ho syang umuuwi ng pilipinas kaya madami ho syang kakilala na nag-ayos ng kasal namin nung araw na yon. After bumalik sa American 2008 till now 2014 di napo bumalik ulet. Since nagbabasa po ako ng mga Legal Forum, nadaanan p ng mata ko ang Foreign divorce pala although kinikilala ng batas naten, pero since walang Divorce dito, Kelangan pang i-File para maRecognized ng Philippine Law. May Former wife po kasi sya na Filipina din at dito din po sila ikinasal. Nakita ko po ang Divorce decree nila nung habang naghahanap ng mga papeles. Nung kimuha po ako sa NSO ng Copy ng Cenomar nya at Copy ng Marriage Certificate nila. Tama nga po ang hinala ko na hindi nga po na-Recognize ang divorce nila dito sa Pilipinas dahil di rin po siguro nya alam na kelangan pa ng ganon. Lumalabas po talaga na Null and Void ang Kasal namin from the beginning.yung importateng document Naayos ko napo. Kagaya ng Marriage Certificate namen, marriage Certificate nila ng Former wife nya, yung Cenomar nya, the marriage License. Yung Foreign Divorce paper nila. Wala din po kami Ari-arian and wala dinpo kaming anak. Sa tingin nyo po ba Less ang gastos ng Case ko and Mas mapapadali po ang process? Mga gano katagal po kaya. May naipon napo kasi ako at gusto ko ng simulan ang Case nato. Kahit nakakapanghinayang sa katulad kong wala din naman na ilaan ang naipon ko sa bagay nato.para po saken,worth it naman para sa Legal na kalayaan ko.

    • Atty. James Biron

      Good day Ness, public attorneys handle almost all cases including annulment cases. Your case though is not for annulment but for declaration of nullity. The fee would really depend on the lawyer you will hire as well as the complexity of your case.

  • theresa

    Hi.ask ko lng po.pangalawa po akong pinakasalan ng asawa ko.ang una noong 1995 ako naman noong ngayon hiwalay na kmi ng walong taon at sya may kinakasama na ibang babae.Gusto ko na rin magpakasal pero di ko alam kung ano dapat ko gawin.annulment ba o cancellation of marriage.thank you po.

  • Kate Aura

    Hello Attorney,

    may tanung lang po ako..matagal napo kasi akong namomoblema kung paano ko po maibabalik ang aking single name sa mga government ID’s ko o government records ko..(marriage to single)..kasi nag change status po ako last 2008. pero ng malaman ko po ng 2011, hindi po pala valid ang kasal ko sa pinakasalan ko..dahil po may unang kasal po siya taong 1991 sa macabebe pampanga.

    sa ngayon po wala naman po akong balak magsampa ng kaso, pero ang nais ko lang po ay ang maibalik ang aking apelyido sa pagkadalaga sa mga government records ko po. kung ano po ba nag dapat kung gawin.
    sana po ay matulungan nyo ako.. salamat po

  • liezel

    Hello Attorney, ask ko lang po sa inyo kung yong mutual agreement ba ay isang ground ng annulment kasi po more than 6 years na po kaming hiwalay. Please I need your advice regarding this matte. Thanks a lot po.

  • Jess ibon

    Good Atty. James Biron,
    Tanong ko lng po paano ba ang gagawin para mapawalang bisa yung kasal sa isang taiwanese na may divorce paper na sa taiwan. 8 years na po kc na divorce pero ang akala ko eh nai forward na dito sa Manila yung divorce papers para mapawalang bisa. May kasalan din po kc nangyari dito sa Pinas sa huwes. Nung kumuha po ako ng marriage contract ko last Nov 25,2014 eh di pa po nakasaad dun na ako ay single na uli.
    Salamat po.


  • Sweety

    Hello po atty jame      matagal na po ako devorce sa  exhusband  ko  hapon  may asawa anak na sya ngaun at kasal na din sila ang problema po bkit yun kumuha
    Ako ng singleness valid parin ang kasal ko samantlang dito po sa japan legal na po ako devorce at ang name ko  simula ng mag devorce kami balik na sa apelyido ko sa pagkadalaga paano ko poba  mapapawalang bisa na yun kasal ko sa pinas.hope po matulungan nyo din sana ako sa problema ko mr.james salamat pi 

  • Vet

    Hi Atty,

    ask ko lang po yung sitwasyon ko. Which one should I file? Nulity and void of marriage or annulment kasi po I was married when I was 18 with my parent’s consent. My ex husband was 28 that time. He impreganted me that’s why we my clan wants us to be married. I had a miscarriage and we decided to stall the marriage till we got stable but my Elders wants it to be continued. And so we get married.

    We had a son after 2 years. We are ok at first until I started working that he started hitting me, even in front of my child because of jealousy (no base at all). We separated for few years then he came back to .ake things work coz he got heart condition. I get pity and take him with me to go work in singaporr. But after few months, he left me without a word or consultation. Just informing me that he will leave when he’s about to board the plane.

    Now I am living overseas with my son with me for four years and dont have any contact with my ex husband. I dont even know where he lives now. what should I file? Is my marriage really valid even if I married when I was only 18 With consent?

    Your help will be highly appreciated.


  • Ritz

    Dear Attorney,
    Pwede po makahingi ng legal advice with regards sa OFW ko po Mr. na nagwwork sa Riyadh which nagkaroon po ng other woman na nurse na ngwwork din sa Riyadh last 2009. Noong umuwi ang Mr. ko ng March 2010 di ko po alam na kasama nya pla umuwi sya, subalit sa di inaasahang pagkakataon nabuking ko asawa ko na may ibang babae sya tru text sa CP nya, dun ko po nalaman na may balak cla pakasal sa Muslim para magkaroon sila ng Legal Papers sa Saudi subalit nakipaghiwalay na po ang asawa ko dahil pinapili ko sya kami mag-ina nya or kabit nya eh mas pinili nya po kami at di na muling nakipagkita asawa ko dito habang nasa bakasyon sya…Yung Mabella po na 41 y/o na kalaguyo ng asawa laging tumatawag sa akin nakikiusap na kung pwede nya kausapin asawa ko dahil nga magpapaconvert na sya ng Muslim sabi ko tantanan nya na eto…Dumating po ang araw ng pagbalik nya ng Saudi ng end of April 2010 hanggang sa di inaasahan nagbalikan pala sila sa Saudi at pinutol na po ang communicationnmin mag-asawa as of mid 2011 hayun pla nagbalikan na cla pero di po pinutol ang sustento sa amin mag-ina. Muli po nakabalik ang Mr. ko ng March 2014 pero sa babae nya na umuuwi eto at nagpakita lang po sa araw ng graduation ng anak namin. Sinabihan nya na po akong di nya na ako mahal at masaya na sya sa other woman nya kahit wala pa cla anak, pero yung anak nmin at patuloy prin ang sustento nya. Since nag-away po kami ng kabit nya sa Facebook dahil nga binabaliktad ako sa kasalanan di ko ginawa na pati mga biyenan ko napaniwala nya dahil nga may work at pera eto samantalang ako isang hamak na housewife lang dahil noon po ayaw akong mgwork ng asawa ko at gusto nya bahay at bata lang inaasikaso ko sa huli iniwan akong wala. Sa kagustuhan ko po mabigyan ng hustisya ang pagiging legal wife ko na inalisan ako ng karapatan, kumuha ako ng NSO ng Mr. ko at dun po lumantad na registered ang kasal nila sa Sharia Law ng 2012, at registered ang kasal nila sa NSO ng April 9,2010 under Islam Wedding sa Muntinlupa City samantalang ang groom po ay masayang kasama nmin dito sa probinsya. Last December pumunta po ako ng OWWA nai file npo pla sya as isa sa legal wife so lumalabas po 2 wives na ang asawa ko pero nsa kontrata nya na RELIGION ay Roman Catholic prin. Attorney ask ko po since matapang ang wife ng asawa ko sa pagkaconverted muslim pti sustento nmin sya ang nagpapadala dito, VALID PO BA ANG KASAL NILA SA ISLAM NOONG APRIL 2010 KAHIT NO APPEARANCE OF THE GROOM…NO CONSENT FROM LEGAL WIFE AND FAMILY OF THE GROOM..AT NO MARRIAGE LICENSE NUMBER ANG MARRIAGE CONTRACT NILA PERO BY 2012 NAIPAREGISTERED NILA SA SHARIA COURT NG ZAMBOANGA CITY. Ngayon lang po kasi tumambad ang matagal na lihim na ginawa ng mistress ng asawa ko na gumawa sya ng paraan para maikasal nya ang sarili nya kahit tinanggihan na sya ng asawa ko. Di ko po makasuhan ng Bigamy dahil nilagay mo ng babae na married ang asawa ko habang single namn sya. Ang babae po ay nasa 41 years old at ang asawa ko ay nasa 35 y/o noong pinakasal nya under Islam sa Al-Rahma Mosque sa may Muntilupa–pagkaka-alam ko di pa converted ang asawa ko since that day masaya kami pamilya dito sa Probinsya…Pls help po…Magakasama sila ngayon sa Riyadh KSA as couple habang iniwan kami mag-ina desperada.
    Thank you @ God bless

  • anna i.

    Good morning atty.
    I obtained a copy of my marriage contract sa nso and may nkalagay na my marriage was nulled and void pero wala po akong copy ng declaration of nullity of marriage.Pano pa makakakuha ng copy nun since nasa probinsya po ako nakatira at ang rtc kung saan na annul ang marriage is sa dasmarinas cavite at gaano po kaya katagal bago makasecure nun?Pls. Help po kylangan ko po kasi para ma update ko status ko sa lahat ng records para maavail ko ang benefits ko. Salamat po.

    • Atty. James Biron

      Anna, I sent you an email, kindly check.

      • Hi Atty Biron,

        I need your advice. Tungkol po sa sis ko. Kasal po sya sa Pilipinas nung 2002 po. Tapos nagkahiwalay sila after magabroad ate ko nung 2008. Nung 2010 umuwi ate ko sa Pilipinas at nagpakasal sa emirati nyang bf. Nagpakasal daw sila pero peke. Ginanap sa isang hotel sa province namin. Pero hindi alam ng Emirati na fake yung kasal. Now, nagkakalabuan na sila ng Emirati. Gusto daw nya ng annulment. Yung ate ko naman humihingi ng settlement. Kasi sabi nya ginamit sya nung Emirati. Sabi nung emirati, he only treated my sis as his gf or friend. Ano po ang pwde gawin ng ate ko? Kasi wala din sa ate ko yung marriage contract. For sure hindi po registered ang kasal nila. Paano nya mapapatunayan kay emirati na nagpaannul sya. Kung sasabhin nman nya na fake ang kasal, eh di wala syang makukuhang settlement.

        Please atty, we need ur advice po.

  • Majie

    Hi po.. Ask ko lang po kasi nagpa kasal ako sa japanese then nung interview ko na sa Japan embassy na deny ako kasi may previous marriage daw po ako. Nagulat ako kasi hindi naman ako nagpapakasal so pinuntahan ko sa cityhall ung nakalagay na nagkasal sakin nung una.. So dineny din nya na sya ung nagkasal sakin at di daw nya pirma un.. Fake daw po un.. Nag sign sya ng notaryo na denedeny nya na ikinasal nya ako.. Hindi ko po alam ang gagawin ko.. Hindi na po ako naka alis at wala narin po kami contact ng asawa ko sa japan. Akala po kasi nya niloko ko sya.. Pa reply nman po salamat.

  • Dennis

    Good day po attorney ask lng po ako ng advise. kinasal po kmi s islam ng dati ko asawa dto wala nmn po kami pinirmahan na marriage certificate. ang kaso po ng ngpakuha po ako ng cenomar lumabas na married npo ako. pero marami sa details na nakasulat dun ay mali lahat gaya ng address ko lalo na po yun pirma ko pineke lang din po nila. saka po dito kami kinasal pero sa cotabato city ang nklgay na lugar ng pinagkasalan. maari ko po b icontest yan? At isa pa po year 2009 ang date n kinasal kami pero dpa po ako annuled sa una ko asawa sa pinas noon at last year 2015 lng po nfinalize annulment ko sa una ko asawa. Ano po kya ang pede ko gawin pra labanan ko po yun fake na marriage cert. n ipinasa ng asawa ko dito. 6 years na po kc kmi di ngsasama dito. saka po pla my papers ako na katibayan na nandito po ako ng time n kinasal kmi sa islam di gaya po ng nksulat sa marriage certificate na nsa cotabato ako. at kung idivorce ko po sa shariah court yun naging asawa ko pde npo b gamitin yun pra palitan uli sa NSO un status ko. salamat po

  • Ruby

    What if both of us has already have own family and have own daugther or is still our marriage is valid.weve been separate for 5yrs.

  • Ruby

    Paano kame ng partner ko matagal n kame wala communication at hiwalay n kame 5yrs.may kanya2x na kme pamilya may anak na sya meron na din ako..may visa p ba yung kasal namin?pwede n ba ako ikasal..ano dpat ko gawin..

  • Cindy

    Hi Atty. kasal po kmi ng asawa ko ngayon kaso kasal din po pala sya sa una and ngayonna sponsoran sya papuntang canada. Ang problema hindi nya ako ma sponsoran dahil kasal sila dto though kelan lang eh nag file ng divorce ang babae sa Canada. Pano ko po ba mapapa null and void ang kasal nmin? Kailangan ko po ba ng lawyer o sa NSO na po ako didiretso? Salamat po

  • mabhie

    Hi atty.sana po matulungan nyo ko,.
    Nagpa”secret marriage”po kami ng ex bf ko(2007),(mla city hall also),we only paid a certain amount pra makasal kmi,no marriage license,no witness na kilala namin.ang nilagay na address sa min is we are both living in (sampaloc mla.).Since it was secretly done,i am still
    living with my parents,and so he is with his 9 yr old daughter.In short,sa papel lang po kami kasal.2008 nag abroad po sya,then 2009 nun nalaman ko na kasal sila ng mother ng anak nya,(thru her daughter and his sister),i had their marriage contract and di ne deny nya na d daw valid un?i have also our marriage certificate which i got a year after we got married.After po nun,nawalan na po kami ng communication since 2009,it was this year lang po nalaman ko na nah pakasal sya uli and andito na po sya sa pnas.eto po details ng contract namin
    REGISTERED IN SAN JUAN CITY(residence ng solemnizing officer)– sa mla kmi kinasal
    NO MARRIAGE LICENSE REQUIRED (ART,34)–hindi naman po kami nag sama before marriage and after marriage
    Based on my understanding on grounds for voidable marriages pasok po ito lahat?may chance po ba na mas mapabilis ang process?hope po matulungan nyo ko..kailangan ko lang po talaga atty pls..salamat po

  • mark

    magandang araw po atty. aq po c mark, vendor lng po aq my asawa kaso umalis po xa at di na bumalik one year na po, nlman q po na my iba na xang knksama, nung time po na umalis xa knbukasan dn po nlman q sa ninang namin na ninakawan dw po xa ng asawa q dun sa trabaho nya ky ninang ganun dn marami xang inutangan sa lugar namin na di nya binayaran, lahat po un ay wala xang binanggit sa akin kya nagugulat nlng po aq minsan na rin po nyang ninakawan ang lola ng atm at winidraw ang laman nun di rin po nya sinabi sa akin un, nung ngktanungan po itinanggi nya un po pero inamin nya dn sa tita q po. n

  • mark

    gusto q na po ipaanull ung kasal namin po kaso ndi q po alam kung paano po at san po mkkmura po,anu po kaya ang dapat qng gawin atty. mlmang din po kc na talagang nagtatago xa dahil alam nyang my kaso xa d2 po sa amin.

  • mark

    sana po matulungan nyo po aq maraming salamat po attorney.

  • Mabhie

    Hi Atty.Biron.
    Sana po matulungan niyo ko. Nagpakasal po kami last 2007 sa Manila City hall. Basta dinala na lang po kami sa office without processing any Marriage License, wala po kami witness(yung witness po galing lang sa office nila.
    After po namin magpakasal, nag abroad po sya.,saka ko nalaman na may previous marriage po pala sya! (1998)pa!
    ang sabi nya po ay single dad sya(meron po sya 7 year old daughter that time).nakakuha po ako ng MC nila sa NSO kasabay ng pagkuha ko ng MC namin nung 2008 pero pilit nya sinasabi sa kin d daw un valid! At isa pa Atty. nagpakasal sya ulit dito sa pinas!di ko po alam paano nya nagawa yun pero sobra na! ako po hindi ko magawa magpakasal dahil sa nangyare tapos po sya ganon lang kadali? Gusto ko po maging Legal lahat atty.ano po ba dapat ko gawin? ano po ba 1st process nito? saan po ako pwede humingi ng tulong like pro bono lawyers para sa problema ko? sana po matulungan niyo ko.
    Salamat po

  • Maribel Concepcion

    Hi Atty James…good day po…me inquiries po AQ…I am a single woman but I have someone na married but separated na po when we became partners. He just found out recently na may first marriage ang ex wife nya sa isang Japanese prior sa marriage nila..nagpakuha po kasi xa marriage cert sa nso but then ang binigay yung sa wife nya with a Japanese husband just last week ggamitin po kasi for travel..pero last year nagpakuha xa sa NSO meron naman sila marriage cert ng wife nya…may i ask po what he will do to make their marriage null and void? Thank you..God bless.

  • Wilfredo G. Saludo

    i am seeking for a lowest cost for filing for a certificate for nullity of marriage, inoferan po ako dito sa aming lugar na 80000 pero hindi ko po kaya ang ganong halaga
    i got married last june 2000 and later naghiwalay kami ng december 2000 din, after that nagkikita kami for almost 2 yrs dahil may isa kaming anak and later on hanggang ngayon hindi ko na alam kung ano na ang kalagayan nya
    right now i have a live in partner and 2 kids, nag check ako sa NSO ng marriage records ko and found out that my ex-wife got married before me

  • Cathy

    hi po attorney can i ask a question po… 16 po ako wen i got married and thenmy father go yo other province to make some birth certificate as late registered at change age to 18 para po makasal ako then po i got married for how many yrs i thougth n tlgang di po naka registered ang kasal ko but ng kumuha ako nh singeleness at ginamit ko ung true name at birthday ko bkit po may records? samantalang ung kinasal ay iba ang birth certificate at lumabas sa NSO n kasal ako at age of 16 it is void or null?? thanks po

  • Good day po Atty. Gusto ko lang pong malaman kung gaano po katagal ang proseso sa NSO matapos na maifile ang mga papeles para sa non and void ng marriage contract ko katatapos lng po ng Annulment ko at Atty.ko po ang ng file sa Nso after we get the finality.kailangan ko po kase makakuha ng Cenomar as soon as possible kase dapat po mgpapakasal kme ngayong October kya lng ang cenomar po ang problema.pwede ko po bang malaman kung ilang buwan po ang dapat kung ipag hintay bgo makakuha ng Cenomar. please send me an email.maraming salamat po…God bless.

  • Sandara

    I was married 2003 im 22 that time and my husband is 24 were only 4mos. as boyfreind but not yet lived together b4 we got married, we dont have marriage license, we pay only, we both gived birth cert and cedula.thats only. Then after few weeks we came to queson city hall to proceed our marriage but b4 we proceed to the judge hall, in other room they said we need to sign the paper i dont know whats written in the paper, after that we proceed to the judge office and got married. We didnt live together after we got merried because im left to japan for 6mos. When i came back we lived together only for 1yr and 5mos. then were separated till now because we always argued and fighting. Is there possible that my marrige is void?

  • Glenda Carter

    Hello posted atty.
    Gusto ko Lang posted i-clarify ang marriage namin ng foreign ex-husband ko. I forwarded our marriage sa Philippines therefore we still have an existing marriage license sa NSO. We finally got divorce in 2014 dito sa US and he re-married few months later sa Pilipinas with another filipina. Will his second marriage be void since he didn’t file for proper declaration of our divorce in states? Thank you po.

  • Glenda Carter

    Hello posted atty.
    Gusto ko Lang posted i-clarify ang marriage namin ng foreign ex-husband ko. I forwarded our marriage sa Philippines therefore we still have an existing marriage license sa NSO. We finally got divorce in 2014 dito sa US and he re-married few months later sa Pilipinas with another filipina. Will his second marriage be void since he didn’t file for proper declaration of our divorce in states? Thank you po.

  • Carolyn G.

    Hi po.ask q lng po if valid po b ung kasal nmin ng ex husband q, kasi nung time n kmukuha km ng marriage license ,hnd po kmi bngyan kc wla pong birthcertificate ung ex husband q po, kc never po syang naregistered s knla, nakasal prn po km..9months lng po kming ngsama mula ng knasal km, nghiwalay dn po kmi s kdahilanang nananakit po sya..ang tanong q po is, kng valid po b ung kasal nmin?..wla n po akng blita s ex husband q ngaun 5yrs.n po ang nkalipas?..payuhan nyo po aq, s dpat kng gwin?..tnx

  • Mirah A.

    Sir/ madam,

    Bing po ito. Itanong ko lang po kung valid pa ang kasal ko sa sa civil at simbahan kahit hiwalay na kami nung asawa ko for almost 9 years. May sarili na siyang pamilya at sa akin ang nag iisang anak namin. Gusto ko rin po na apelyido ko ang ipagamit sa anak ko. Kasi ngayon apelyido niya ang dala ng anak ko. Siya rin mismo ang nagsabi na para wala na daw conflict sa kanya payag siya na apelyido ko na ang dalhin ng bata. Paano po kaya ang gawin ko? Sabi niya kung pwede daw kahit magpirmahan nalang na hiwalay na kami. Tsaka simula nabuntis ko hanggang lumaki na ang bata hiwalay na kami at ni piso wala siyang naibigay na sustento sa bata. Ano po ba ang maganda kong gawin. Paki email naman po sa akin ang kasagutan. Maraming maraming salamat po.

  • Ann

    Void po b ang kasal if kinasal muna bago p marelease ang marriage license?

    Thanks in advance

  • maricon indias

    ask ko lang po about sa marriage. nag pakasal po kami ng ama ng mga anak ko noong 2002 judge wedding. pero ang ginamit nya pong name is hindi kanya kasi kasal na po sya sa una nyang palang asawa. nakipaghiwalay po ako noong malamam ko po na may una pala syang asawa. maari ko po bang mapawalang bisa ang aming kasal kaso 10 yrs na po wala kaming communication.

  • meya

    …gud evening..sir ask k lng po kc tapos n po ung court order k about sa annulment ko..nklagay n po dun null and void sa court order n dumatng skin…and stated that each court order has given to our local registrar,local registrar where my husband is and to philipine staticstic offce..question k po is anu po ang kukuhanin kng papers para mapalitan napo ng family name k nung pagkadalaga ang apelyido k sa aking asawa at para mkapag pakasal po ako sa iba…..please answer me…tnx..

  • good day atty. maitanong ko lang po valid po ba ang kasal sa mayor? kahit hndi ni register ang married contract? at 2years nang hindi nag sama? anu po maaring gawin para ma kasal ulit ! sa iba

  • Hello Atty. Biron Good Morning ho. i wanna asked need pa ba ng Fiancé ko ang Cenomar kung Divorce na sya sa America? U.s Citizen po ang Fiancé ko, dito sa pinas kinasal kaso sa U.s na po nagfile ng divorce ang fiancé ko. My fiancé and his ex-wife is separated for almost 20 years. Me and my fiancé are both HappyLy and Contented couple for almost 3 years Now. And we planning to file for petition to stay for good. Is my fiancé required to present his Cenomar during our K1 Visa even though he is a U.s Citizen? Or only Divorce papers my fiancé needs to present? I Thank you. i’ll wait for your Quick response atty Biron.

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