Hi Atty. Biron!

i just want to ask some question about my employment.

I have gave my resignation letter to my immediate supervisor last december 15 2014. She told me that she will keep it first and discuss it with the CEO before signing it.
I stated exact date at the letter i gave. I specified there that i would be working for the company until january 15 2015 which is 30 days from the date i gave the letter.
But, until now she doesn't give me exact date when i can leave the company. She requires me to train other employees for my replacement. Is it my responsibility to train?

I have this new opportunity and need to start my new job on february 9 2015.

1. Is it my responsibility to train?
2. Do i need to submit an immediate resignation since i have advised them that i will be leaving the company one month ago?
3. what are the legal actions i must do in order to leave the company before february 9 2015?

Thank you very much!