Hi Atty. James,

My schoolmate when I was in high school introduced Royale Business to me last September 5, 2014. After introducing the products, I said yes to become a member of it. On that day, I issued check worth 14, 990 dated on September 7 but I received no products and I signed the sign up form of Royale the same day. On September 6, 2014, I asked her to cancel my membership. I knew I had an option to do so as there was something on the form that I will receive a confirmation from Royale that I already have an account opened to them but I received nothing. My schoolmate kept on saying that I already have an account and cannot cancel it. On September 7, she gave me the package and we had a conversation that I will submit her whatever the sale. Weeks past and I was able to pay 5000. Then she submitted my check and resulted it to bounce.

Am I gonna be penalized for BP 22? or can I still settle within 5 days?
If she will bring it to the court, may laban po ba ko coz I think I was scammed by this networking.

I appreciate your response!