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    Dear atty, i chanced upon ur website and find it very helpful, thus, i would like to share something that concerns me. This is what happened, im a single mom, annulled, then i had a bf way back 2013, i knew this guy for quite some time but lost communication for almost 5 years then we met again, he told me that he once was married but got separated due to individual difference, so the relationship enters, the relationship run for a month or two but i noticed that he's lying so i threw him text messages and to make the long story short, the messages was red by her wife whom he says he is separated,, i was bombarded by hurtful and offensive words,by her. by her friend and by the wife's relative for almost two weeks, she evn called at my office and says dt im havng an affair wd his husbnd despite d fact dt i already stopped my affair wd d guy the moment i knew abt her wife, the worst is she was able to grab a photo from my old fb act and she post it on her husband's fb act with humiliating words and one says "WANTED FOR ADULTERY" which was posted for at least week and was red by my friends on fb, so they keep on asking me, it caused me sleepless nights due to the humiliating effect, my questions po is, can i file a case of libel against the girl? thank u ans hope u can enlighten me on this, thank u po.

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    Xtnipz, kindly visit my office for formal consultation. Thank you.

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