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    hi, i am a student and has a friend who was detained for violating Republic Act 9995- section 3 anti video act of the Philippines. He is 18 years old, and was detained for 18 hours. i was informed by another friend that there is a new rule that for teens, detention must only be 3 hours.
    i do not know the legalities and was hoping that i could learn somethng here in this forum.
    i pitty my friend, because we can see that even though he is 18, he thinks verry immature, and what he acted was a sign of curiosity and immatuity. but then, people around us won't beleive it.
    what should i do, and what could i say to help them . thank you so much .

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    Hi, by definition, someone who is 18 years old and above is no longer considered as a teen/minor/juvenile. So what ever benefit the new law on juvenile delinquents offers will not be enjoyed by your adult friend.

    By the way, the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2006 does not provide that detention for juveniles must only be 3 hours.

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